Colorado’s Arapahoe Basin Ski Area is Turning 75

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Looking for something fun to do this weekend? If you find yourself in Colorado’s Arapahoe Basin, you’re in luck!

Arapahoe Basin is inviting all skiers and snowboarders to a weekend-long celebration for the ski area’s 75th anniversary. The festivities start on Friday, April 1, and end on Sunday, April 3. Activities will satisfy all ages with events ranging from the 1940s themed dinner to a scavenger hunt. 

Arapahoe Basin was established in 1946 by Larry Jump and Sandy Schauffler. The pair invested virtually every penny they had into forming A-Basin. Jump and Schauffler had an undying passion for skiing and simply wanted to share their love for the sport with the rest of the world. This passion is still palpable today. According to the ski area’s website, all 400 employees who work for A-Basin are “passionate skiers and riders who want this place to be about an awesome experience.” Without the love for skiing, A-Basin would be nothing. This weekend is more than a promotional cash-grab celebration. A-Basin wants to give back to its visitors to show its gratitude for being able to operate for 75 consecutive years. 

A-Basin was the first ski resort established in the US after World War II.
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Events will be happening all weekend to celebrate the basin’s 75th birthday.

On Friday, guests are invited to come to a 1946 Reminiscent Dinner. Get ready to come dressed in 1940s inspired costumes to honor the year A-Basin was founded. This event will be a great kick-off to the rest of the events happening on Saturday and Sunday. 

Saturday will be jam-packed with two awesome events: Jump and Bash and Party in the Park. Both events will take place at 10 a.m., and admission to Party in the Park is free. Admission to Jump and Bash is $25, and guests will get an exclusive 75th anniversary T-shirt. Both events will have live music, fun activities, and prizes for guests to enjoy. If you end up missing these day events, no worries! Starting at 4 p.m., A-Basin will be hosting an after-hours skimo event. There will be two courses varying in difficulty so that everyone can participate. Guests are encouraged to dress up in their best ski costumes – may the best Gaper win!

Sunday is the final day of celebration and will kick off at 10 a.m. with a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt will require participants to search high and low for prizes on the East Wall terrain. This terrain is for experts only, so aid on the side of caution when signing up for this event. After the hunt is over, all skiers are invited to the final celebration of the weekend: the Plaza Apres Party. At 1 p.m., guests will get to indulge in a slice of birthday cake while listening to live music in Mountain Goat Plaza. 

For more information on activities, entertainment, and pricing, click here for the full weekend itinerary. If you’re in the A-Basin area this weekend, you will not want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

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One thought on “Colorado’s Arapahoe Basin Ski Area is Turning 75

  1. 75 years ago an entrepreneur could pool his money and purchase the land from the USFS to start a ski resort.

    2022, crazy environmentalists sue anyone and everyone including the government to prevent the expansion, improvement or building of new ski resorts. We crowd into the limited # of overly packed ski resorts with inflated ticket and food prices owned mostly by publicly traded corporations who seek to maximize profit.

    That’s progress ppl. Looking forward to what the world will look like in 75 more years.

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