Colorado’s Ski Season is Shortening Because of Climate Change

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With climate change altering several factors of everyday life, it’s safe to wonder what effects it has on the length of winter. Consequently, climate change experts predict that Colorado’s ski seasons are getting shorter every year.

This year alone, Colorado’s ski season has been impacted by faulty weather conditions. According to Vail Daily, this year alone, 4 resorts were forced to postpone their openings based on “mild temperatures.” Nevertheless, out of the 13 resorts that are open, only 7% of their total terrain was open to the public as of November 21.

Climate change’s warm, unexpected waves of heat forced resorts like Steamboat and Aspen Snowmass to compromise on their snow-making. While Steamboat usually blows snow for 200 hours, in preparation for this season they were only able to blow for 8 hours. As for Aspen Snowmass, they reported that they were “able to blow only about 10% of the snow they normally would make going into Thanksgiving week.”

Although the cause of the problems seems broad, climate experts believe this is no coincidence. Porter Fox, the author of “The Last Winter,” is concerned that the warming climate change has caused is only intensified in high elevations. “…the rate of winter warming in the U.S. west has tripled since the 1970s,” states Fox, per Vail Daily.

According to Environment Journal, on average, winters have shrunk from 76 days to 73 days. Even though Colorado’s seasons are getting shorter due to the heat, athletes most likely won’t feel a temperature difference while skiing.

The effects of climate change are long-term and long-lasting and can only have negative effects on the season. To learn more about climate change and how to take action, visit NASA.

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