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Some of their songs aren’t even consider music by some critics, simply just noise. And with one listen to Colourmusics latest album, My ___ Is Pink, it is easy to see why. Mixing psychedelic, hardcore, experimental, and every other sort of musical genre in the mix, Colourmusic creates a one of a kind sound that some say is an acquired taste. Colourmusic doesn’t have a particular sound or genre associated with them, they simply make music that speaks to them. The band describes themselves as Oklahoma Sex Rock, so one can see where this may be going. None the less, the band makes incredible music, or noises as some critics would put it.

Colourmusic formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 2005 and has produced three studio albums thus far. The bands songs focus on color since they have become enamored with Isaac Newton’s Theory of Color and Sound. Recently Colourmusic has opened for the Flaming Lips, and play live across the midwest. Coupled with an interesting sound, the band produces interesting, and entertaining videos. The Music Video “You For Leaving Me” is, well, weird. Entertaining none the less though, and one of the bands best songs. With a unique sound influenced by color and sound, Colourmusic is a great add to your skiing, riding, or whatever playlist, so go ahead and check em out.

Best Tracks

  • You For Leaving Me
  • Yes!
  • Beard
  • TOG
  • Put in a Little Gas

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