Combo Ski – From a Student Project to Kickstarter

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Credit: Combo Ski

Combo Ski is a solution for all winter sports lovers, which brings a new amount of fun and safety to the mountains. Their unique design and specially developed fastening allow a simple change from snowshoe mode to ski mode for going downhill through snowy mountains and hills. Thanks to this, all winter hiking enthusiasts can now enjoy their hobby without carrying various equipment. Everything can be solved with one Combo Ski.

It all started in 2021, when Vojtěch, one of the two brothers behind Combo Ski, won the National Student Design Award for a product that combines the function of skis and snowshoes. The whole project aroused great public interest. Thus Vojtěch, together with his brother Ondřej, who develops 3D printers at Prusa Research, decided to turn the student’s idea into a real product.

The goal of Combo Ski is to make physical activity in the mountain winter landscape easier. The whole design is based on a reversible product, which on one side is a functional ski with a running surface and edges, and the other has a special nonslip sole and toothed stainless rim which will guarantee safety on black ice and in deep snow. Thanks to the unique rotating binding, you can easily and often change between these two models.  The system has undergone several changes thanks to long-term testing and several phased developments to meet the demanding conditions that winter brings.

Credit: Combo Ski

The goal during the development was to create a product without compromises for the climb and downhill. When climbing up, you will feel confident in your feet, mainly thanks to the special stainless teeth that sink into and keep your stability on the icy surface. At the same time, the widened sole will prevent a big drop in step with a higher amount of snow. For example, with a shoe size 42, you will fall four times less in the powder snow with the Combo Ski than with the shoes themselves. Thanks to the anti-shock sole made of Eva foam, the walk with Combo Ski is comfortable and soft, and its surface and structure shape resist snow sticking. When it comes to going down, turn the Combo Ski system over, which takes no more than a few seconds, and you can go downhill on mini skis.

The downhill is tested in the wild and on the slopes, and you can have a lot of fun with it. For better control, the running surface includes raised edges made of stainless steel, which makes turning or slowing down on icy surfaces easier. And if the way down is all ice, leave them in the climbing mode, and you don’t have to worry about slipping, thanks to the sharp spikes. They are made of highly resistant materials (polyethylene, polyamide, and stainless steel) that can withstand temperatures down to -50°C and are compatible with all boots intended for mountain hikes. Therefore, Combo Ski is ready for any mountain challenge.

Credit: Combo Ski

The main benefits of Combo Ski are their easy handling and the high durability of structure needed in the arduous terrain of winter nature. They are designed to be light, compact, and not heavy for your back or feet. Moreover, the materials used on the ski are easy to recycle compared to traditional downhill skis. They work well with any ankle boots. However, hiking or snowboarding boots are the most comfortable. Combo Ski and a pair of boots are all you need now. You will not have to invest in other expensive equipment or ski passes.

“It has been more than a year since we started working on product development; based on testing ten versions in various snow conditions, we have gone through many shapes, production technologies and already tried many different materials for the proper functioning of Combo Ski. Now, we believe that Combo Ski is really tuned and will bring a lot of help and fun to people on mountain hikes.”

– Vojtěch, one of the creators

Combo Ski is now in the final stages of development and testing. That’s why the Veverka brothers decided to enter the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with their snowshoe skis, and they hope to approach people from all over the world who will pre-order their product. Combo Ski is offered at a reduced introductory price, which will be lowered up to 35 % from the assumed retail price. Also, you can choose from several color versions and thus support an interesting Czech project.

You can view the Kickstarter campaign here.

Credit: Combo Ski

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