CommuniSki Launches Android and iOS Apps | Ski Community App Covers Every North American Resort

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Find your tribe with CommuniSki.

CommuniSki just started a revolution in the winter sports industry by launching its free Android and iOS apps, providing extensive functionality to skiers, boarders, resorts, and the businesses and organizations that support the industry.

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Skiers & boarders get GPS tracking (with live buddy locations), 16-day weather forecasts, a community-driven resort database covering every resort in North America, ski groups (never ski or ride alone again!), and a whole bunch more, all in a single, free, app.

For resorts & local businesses, CommuniSki delivers innovative technologies enabling them to market and deliver their products/services in new ways. For example, the “Lesson Share” functionality allows users to create a private lesson, set it up to meet their needs (level, terrain type, etc.) then let other users join to share the cost. A local restaurant can use the same underlying technology to put on a wine-tasting evening or a sleigh-ride dinner.

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App screenshots.

On why he started CommuniSki, founder and CEO Charlie Walker said:

“The only thing that really matters is how much fun you’re having, and for me, and millions of others, there is nothing more fun than charging through the fluffy white stuff. I created CommuniSki to help more people get on the snow, more often, and have more fun while they’re there!

“Every resort in North America now has access to a powerful guest experience app, that not only provides their guests with a plethora of tools and info but allows them to communicate real-time info, such as lift/run statuses & operational notifications – and they get all of this completely free. We’ll drag this industry into the 21st-century kicking and screaming if we have to!”

By nurturing the community spirit and leveraging technological advances, CommuniSki provides a platform for the whole industry, making transactions and interactions easier and providing the tools businesses in the winter sports industry need to understand better and serve their customers.

Try CommuniSki | Download for FREE now

CommuniSki is based in Calgary, Alberta, and was founded in 2020 with one mission – to get more people skiing and riding more often. They are a small team who spends time dreaming up ways to improve winter sports, then figuring out how to make those dreams a reality.

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  1. False advertising. Does not support every resort in North America. The main resorts – yes. But overall, there’s a LOT of little ones missing.

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