“Is the Community Ready for More Squaw Valley Development?”

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Squaw Valley meadow, 1960 Olympics.
Squaw Valley meadow, 1960 Olympics.

This article was written by Tahoe local Dane Shannon for Moonshine Ink.  Below is an excerpt.  This a very hot topic in Tahoe right now.

Where do you stand with Squaw’s development plans?

Is the Community Ready for More Squaw Valley Development?

Recently, I sat down and listened to Wayne Poulsen, Jr. talk about the history of Olympic Valley to a small group of locals that ranged from high school students to business owners and community leaders to service workers. Poulsen moved to Olympic Valley with his parents when he was 4 years old, and they were the first year-round, non-Native American people in the valley. It was a wonderful night, with a storied history shared.

I encourage you all to do your research, to dive in deeply, and learn about this place we all love. How can you make a judgment about future development otherwise? Do you really know what is best for this valley if you don’t know the details about previous development attempts, successes or failures? I thought I did until this meeting.

I want to share one theme that resonated with me the most from that night. Squaw Valley has a long history of people coming in, developing, and making their money, sometimes without regard to the community and environment as a whole. During the meeting, Wayne talked about the importance of community and its role as a watchdog to question and help guide development.” – Dane Shannon/Moonshine Ink

Read the full story in Moonshine Ink here:

Is the Community Ready for More Squaw Valley Development?


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4 thoughts on ““Is the Community Ready for More Squaw Valley Development?”

  1. Seems as though almost 95% Sierra Sun readers still think the new village design @ Squally is still to large and out of character.


    Begs one to ask the question, if this is the case, then is KSL/Squaw valley Real Estate Development Co. really listening to us, as they have stated in that annoying brochure we all received.

    Another question, if they cannot fill the beds in the existing village now, how does more beds resolve that issue?

    Answers please Mr. Wirth, instead of self serving narcissistic drivel about your previous bad decisions thank you very much, not!!

  2. Nice photo of the snowpack during the 1960 Winter Games. Drought right up until then, it can happen again, wait for it,,,,,

    Yes, great article, glad we have a great resource such as MSI who often reports on the details of these issues like no other, yes Sierra Sun, I’m naming you.

    Thanks Brains…

    keep squaw true.

  3. Welcome back to Squaw Valley, we missed you and your reports.

    This story is huge. Well done Dr Gaffney, the 27 Concerned Citizens, Dane and all the hundreds of comments on unofficialalpine. The community are treated like Mushrooms! We have the right to know what is going on before the stories are splashed by journalists all over the place. I was frankly shocked to realise that foreigners know more about Squaw Valley than locals do. Hands up: who believes this pipe is a giant garden hose for emergencies?

  4. Miles, there’s 230 building approvals near the Meadow, + 8 at The Stable + KSL’s places, + Phase 2 at the resort, .. and we’re supposed to believe an 8 mile pipe, sans reycling plant, is only a backup? Someone should come clean and hose all the bullcrap down the drain coz there’s a smell somewhere.

    Are the Water Board insured if the aquifer is contaminated?

    Are hotels etc insured if they contaminate the aquifer?

    What and who are driving this, and how did all these committees come to the same great idea?

    Can we save $30,000,000 by bathing in champagne?

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