Mount Bachelor, OR Report: He Showed His Face Today!

Chad Walker | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

Video Credit: Shawn M. Clark

Skiers: Chad Walker and Shawn M. Clark

More importantly:  Music with permission by Fred Oakman

Report from Friday 17th January 2020

Although we got a sneak peek at ‘The Lone Bachelor’s’ face today, conditions were still all-time stormy. Just when I thought it had to stop at some point, it just snowed harder!

During a brief break in the clouds, we were finally able to see where we were going.  Although the snow totals weren’t as high as previous days, the snow was still soooo gooood.

The ‘Lone Bachelor’ showed his face. Photo: Snowbrains

Snow Report:

Photo: Mount Bachelor

I also had the chance to chat it up with local ripper Darrel.  Darrel is 93 years young. I want to be like Darrel if I ever grow up.I showed him the selfie I had taken of us and he said, “oh that’s really nice!  I want to get one of those!”  I asked, “the smartphone?” and he said, “No, that photo.”

I asked Darrel for his number so I could send him the photo. He gave me his street address instead! LOL! Everyone needs to be a little more like Darrel; stay as young and carefree as I’m sure he was in 1927. Enjoy winter sports and live every day like it’s the last one. Darrel made my day today!

Later, I explained to Darrel that I was from Pennsylvania but was in town skiing and writing for a website, so maybe he could find the photo on SnowBrains.  He said that “I’ll probably never see it because I don’t have any plans on travelling to PA.”  LOL!  Imagine growing up before both World Wars and skiing on modern equipment at a great mountain like we both were today!

Meet Darrel. He’s 93 and still shredding pow every day! Photo: Snowbrains

After suiting up and enjoying a chat with several happy skiers and riders in the base lodge, we enjoyed watching the ‘Dawn Patrol’ take daybreak laps on the cone as we were waiting on lifts to spin.  I regret not going, but after 7 consecutive days of grundle deep powder, the legs said no way, Jose!

Dozens of skiers and riders woke up early to enjoy the goods on ‘The Cone.’ Photo: Snowbrains

Josh, and several other members of Mount Bachelor Patrol were out doing beacon, shovel, probe, buddy checks and handing out Snow Immersion Safety info!  Tree well danger and deep snow immersion safety was absolutely no joke all week at Bachelor and across the rest of the west!  Make sure to ALWAYS plan ahead.  Make a safety plan, talk it over with your ‘ski buddy,’ and always stay within one or two turns of your partner!

Bachy Patrol Was Out in Full Force Today Promoting Deep Snow Safety. Photo: Snowbrains

Bachelor staff was not fooling around with the deep snow conditions.  You were not allowed to load Northwest lift without all necessary equipment and your ‘ski buddy!’  Rightfully so!  Don’t be that guy/gal who is ‘too good’ to plan for the worst!  Instead, always thank patrol for all their hard work and advice!  They know what they’re doing and without them, none of us could reasonably safely ski in such great weather conditions!

I guess I also had my skis on the wrong feet too! Oops! Just making sure to get a nice even wear pattern!


Mount Bachelor, OR Report: STILL Rad Today


It just kept getting better! Photo: Snowbrains
You didn’t need to see where you were going. Photo: Snowbrains
In case anyone still needed to prove their Braun; The 2″ Penis Club was in town to see how we “measured up!”   Photo: Snowbrains    Jeep Owner: Unknown
Waist deep Wonderland. Photo: Snowbrains
Powder was actually starting to get old! NOT!!!
Photo: Snowbrains
It doesn’t get any better than this shredding pow for a week straight with one of your best friends! Photo: Snowbrains


Looks like Bachy must’ve pissed off his sisters because his Mother ‘Nature’ does not look to be done with him yet!     Photo: NOAA


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