Conditions Report: Grand Targhee Bike Park Closing Weekend

Mike Lavery |
The Targhee Bike Park. Photo: Grand Targhee

It’s already snowing around the mountain west, but there’s nothing better than fall mountain biking. Temperatures are cooling off, the trees are changing color, and the trails are buffed out.

I rode Grand Targhee’s bike park today and it’s in prime condition. The trails are firmly packed with just a little rocky mountain moon dust on top. I brought my 29+ hardtail and had a ton of fun.

Colorfull Aspens. Photo: M. Lavery
Perfect fall riding. Photo: M. Lavery

I started mellow on Yogi, Ricks Basin, Quakie Ridge, and North Woods. The fall colors are in full bloom and the weather was about as nice as it gets.

Then I climbed Perm-A-Grin to More Cowbell, and took a new trail, Tall Cool One, almost to the summit.  Tall Cool One has a million switchbacks, and went on forever, but it made for an enjoyable ascent with minimal grimacing. It’s still under construction and not even on the map yet.

Looking down on the Blackfoot lift and Teton Valley. Photo: M.Lavery
Almost at the top of the endless climb. Photo: M. Lavery

On the way down, I linked up Grand Traverse to Sidewinder to Otter Slide which was awesome. A great way to cap off 3 hours on the bike.

Sidewinder Downhill. Super fun, even on my hardtail. Photo: M. Lavery

Grand Targhee has an Oktoberfest celebration going on this weekend, with half off lodging and bike park tickets. The weather looks perfect, cancel whatever else you were doing and get down here!

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