Mount Bachelor, OR Report: It Was Going Off Today!

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Image: Mount Bachelor

Report from 11th January, 2020

We were welcomed to Bachelor today by Leigh Capozzi and clan. The snow couldn’t have been better and turns were deep all day. This recording was taken an hour before we were let loose on the goods. There were times that snow brushed my grundle!

Photo: Snowbrains
Me and my icicles. Photo: Snowbrains
Photo: Snowbrains
The Goods are Falling! Photo: Snowbrains

And no, we were not at Squaw Valley!  This line was only temporary, it subsided in 20 minutes.  Don’t tell your friends!




The best part is that we’re supposed to reboot and repeat for the next several days.  Stay tuned, the fun has only begun!

Video:  Shawn M. Clark / Skier: Shawn M. Clark

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