Conditions Report: Park City Brown Pow

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Park City
Cruising through the Aspens on Jenni’s. Photo M. Lavery

No matter how much you despise Vail and all it’s conquests, it’s hard to deny that Park City, Utah has an unbelievable trail system. They’re well maintained, easy to navigate, and there’s something for just about everyone. It’d been awhile, so my wife and I headed down from rainy Bozeman for four days of riding.

After perusing the clearance racks at a few shops and a Tanner Hall sighting at Starbucks, we suited up and rode straight from our accommodations. Reasonably priced accommodations I might add. We were on singletrack within 10 minutes. That can’t be beat.

Park City
Singletrack to make you salivate. Photo: M. Lavery

We hit Silver Spur to Jenni’s, and climbed up 1500ish feet to the mid-mountain trail. Conditions were dry and just a touch dusty, but overall fast and fun. This place has a crap load of prairie dogs!

Park city
Checking out some history. Photo: M. Lavery

After that we traversed on mid-mountain trail over through Deer Valley and stopped for a Caviar and Champagne lunch….just kidding. Maybe they actually do that at Deer Valley, I don’t know. Mid-mountain had quite a bit of traffic but still fantastic riding conditions and killer views.

A fast and fun downhill on Deer Crest dropped us back into the Deer Valley base area with just a short ride back to Park City proper from there. After a long drive and late night, we kept today pretty chill. I’m looking forward to longer rides and more great conditions over the next few days.

Park City
Killer views from the far reaches of mid-mountain trail. Photo: M. Lavery

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One thought on “Conditions Report: Park City Brown Pow

  1. Vail Corp won’t “effect” you as much in summer as it does in winter.Fact!! The ONLY REASON Deer Valley hasn’t been effected “yet” is because they limit lift tickets,otherwise……………………it would be the same fucking mess that Whistler was this year with all the pass members showing up. While Deer Valley is not on the Epic Pass yet,as long as passes are limited,the place won’t turn into a parking lot like Vail.

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