Revelstoke B.C. Snow Report: The Best Season Ever?

Peter Craigen | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Sean Metcalfe boosting. Photo: Flynn Creedy

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is having its second-biggest season on record.


With 882 cm or 347 inches of snowfall so far this year, Revelstoke could end up breaking the 2017/2018 season snowfall record of 1237cm (487 inches). This season could be summed up in one word so far: Consistent. Average annual snowfall totals of over 1000cm mean the odds of skiing powder are in your favour if you visit between December and April. Not to mention, the snow is predictably soft, light, and dry. Unlike the Coastal ranges which are known for heavier snow with higher moisture content, Revelstoke’s snowfall is truly what dreams are made of.

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Revelstoke’s crown jewel, Mount Mackenzie stands 2466 metres above sea level. Photo: Peter Craigen


One thing that makes Revelstoke a truly a special place is the terrain. Situated in the heart of the Columbia Mountains, Revelstoke’s Mount Mackenzie is surrounded by incredible peaks like Mt. Cartier, Mt. Begbie, and Mt. Macpherson to name just a few. Visitors on a clear day will be awe-struck at the views when they get off the top of the Stoke Chair.

A quick backflip in front of Mt. Cartier. Photo: Flynn Creedy
“Kill The Banker” is infamous as a serious leg burner below the Revelation Gondola. Not recommended on an icy day. Photo: Peter Craigen


With a whopping 1710 metres, Revelstoke boasts the tallest vertical drop of any ski resort in North America. All that vert is likely the reason the local skiers have developed some sort of superhuman leg strength. 20-foot cliffs with a bombed-out flat landing? No problem for a grizzly Revy skier with 50 ski days under their belt. I dare anyone to try putting 20 laps on the Stoke chair on their first day in Revelstoke. Your legs may never forgive you.

Sunny South Facing slopes in revelstoke
Sunny, south-facing slopes near the end of the day. Photo: Flynn Creedy


Although there are only 3 chairlifts at Revy, access to good skiing is seemingly endless. Revelstoke has terrain on all aspects of the mountain. Depending on the conditions, skiers can easily adjust their approach to ski epic south facing sunny glades or sheltered north-facing steeps. If the visibility is bad, skiers stick in the spaced-out trees and look for powder stashes. This nearly 360-degree expanse means that good snow always exists somewhere on the resort.

Spencer Butt scoring some sheltered north-facing powder after 2 pm. Photo: Nick Mcleod


What surprised us the most on this trip were the overnight snowfall totals. Although only 36cm (14 inches) of snow has fallen in the past 7 days, each day felt deeper than the next. We scored fresh snow on every single lap even into the late afternoon. On some days, our deepest turns occurred after 2pm. We kept laughing to ourselves that 2cm is enough for a powder day in Revelstoke. Any day with over 5cm of overnight snow is certainly enough to have an epic day.

Skier jumping off a cliff
Nick Mcleod sending it into “5cm” of fresh. Photo: Spencer Butt
Spencer Butt Snowboarding
Spencer Butt with an indy grab on a nice little hit. Photo: Nick Mcleod
Skier jumping off pillow
Peter Craigen returning the favour. Photo: Nick Mcleod
Skier jumping in Revelstoke
Sean Metcalfe boosting. Photo: Spencer Butt
Peter Craigen with a 180 Safety grab off a small hit
Peter Boosting a pillow under the infamous “Kill The Banker” run below the gondola. Photo: Spencer Butt


We were expecting massive lineups during portions of our trip. Part of our time coincided with holidays in BC, Alberta, and the US. That being said, we were pleasantly surprised with reasonable upload times as skiers seemed to spread out quickly throughout the mountain. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Ripper Chair completely empty on Thursday around noon. That being said, on busier days, the line for the Gondola around 8 am can actually get quite long. Nothing that folks from Whistler or Vail won’t be able to handle though.

Massive lineups in Revelstoke. Photo: Peter Craigen


Overall, Revelstoke is a true powder skiers paradise. Steep skiing, long runs, consistent powder, and great people make this place one of the best places to ski on the planet. We will certainly be back for more.

The Stoke Chair in all its glory. Photo: Peter Craigen


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Photo Tour

Pillows: Photo: Peter Craigen
Spencer Butt Laying one out. Photo: Peter Craigen
A quick backy. Photo: Spencer Butt
Looking for fresh landings. Photo: Spencer Butt
Slash and burn. Photo: Nick Mcleod
Nick with a proper turn. Photo: Peter Craigen

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