Conditions Report: Sunshine & Enjoyable Snow At Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, CA

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Scott Chair at Alpine Meadows, CA -Rodrigo Vidal

**Report from Sunday, January 27, 2019**

The last snowfall at Alpine Meadows, CA was almost a week earlier than our day up, (Monday, January 21st with 16″ 24-hour snowfall at 8,000′ elev. and 204″ cumulative), but it was still a great day of skiing. Although there wasn’t much for powder and there were some small sections of icy, chunky snow- the vast majority of the resort was great, enjoyable terrain. 

Lake Tahoe views from Alpine Meadows, CA

More importantly, despite the awesome landscape of Alpine Meadows and a typically busy weekend-day, the resort was not crowded. We never waited more than a minute to get our butts on a chairlift from the end of a run. This allowed us to take our time everywhere, and get tons of runs in despite that.

It was a hot one! Most of the day was spent in 60 degree weather with a high of 63 F. We were shedding layers constantly- I only wore my gloves for half the day. A lot of people were down to their bottom layer, some were even shirtless- and the refreshments stopped featured plenty of people sunbathing like it was summer time. According to the Squaw Valley report from AccuWeather the majority of the days this month have been well beyond their historical averages of low-mid 50s, while most days have reached low-mid 60s.

What month is it? Catching a tan on lunch break.

If skiing wasn’t the highlight, then meeting this golden retriever avalanche pup at the top of a run definitely was. Rest assured, you’re safe in this guy’s paws.

Watson the avi-dog and his human.

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