Confirmed Sightings of Ullr, the Dog Missing Since Fatal Avalanche Near Chair Mountain, CO, Almost 4 Weeks Ago

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Have you seen this dog? This is Ullr, Jacob’s missing dog, who went missing in an avalanche but is believed to be alive. | Picture: Jacob Dalbey Instagram Page

Jacob (‘Jake’) Dalbey of Carbondale, CO, lost his dog Ullr on March 17, 2023, when an avalanche swept and buried his group, which was touring backcountry near Chair Mountain in the Marble area of Gunnison County, CO. The avalanche killed his friends Joel Shute, while Jake survived the ordeal with fractures and severe frost bite to his extremities.

Jake had tried to grab his dog Ullr when the avalanche swept him away, but the force of the avalanche pulled him away and he has not seen Ullr since. However, rescue crews and other people have sighted foot prints leaving the slide area. Encouraged by the foot print sightings, Jake’s friend Deborah Wieker created a crowdfunding campaign to help finance a scent tracker. The GoFundMe initiative has raised more than $16,000 to-date and a scent tracker was hired.

Ullr avalanche
Ullr has been missing for nearly four weeks now. | Picture: Denver 7 Website

In the meantime, some people reported sightings of a dog looking similar to the pictures and descriptions provided of Ullr but it was not possible to capture him and confirm the identity. However, the scent dog tracked Ullr’s trail and it confirms that these sightings were indeed of Ullr.

Jake has requested on social media that people please not try to look for Ullr as he is likely scared and confused and additional people or dogs searching will confuse the scent tracker hired. It is great news that Ullr is alive but Jake is apparently becoming disheartened that almost four weeks later Ullr still has not been found. Jacob’s friend Deborah provided the following update three days ago:

Good Morning! Happy Easter! The tracker has picked up on Ullr’s trail. That confirms that he is out there. There had been a confirmed sighting in the same area a few days ago. Unfortunately they have not found him yet!

Jacob is growing very worn down. He is dealing with injuries that will take a very long time to recover from. It’s very hard on him physically to be out in the cold (remember this is in the Colorado high country, during a time of record breaking snow accumulation). There are camera’s all around an area where the trackers dog believes Ullr is traveling on a regular basis. However, Ullr has not shown himself on any of them.

We ask that everyone continue to help via prayers and not disturbing the area. People can unknowingly chase a dog, such as Ullr, that is in fight or flight, away from an area that he has taken refuge in.

Thank you all! We’ll keep you posted as more is known!

Come home Ullr!

Jacob Dalbey’s post on Instagram, updating on Ullr’s sightings and successful tracking by the scent dog. | Picture: Jacob Dalbey Instagram Page

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