VIDEO: CopterPack – The Future of Backcountry Skiing?

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Manned drone | Backpack helicopter | Electric jetpack. Imagine how many more backcountry lines you could get in if you didn’t have to skin up and earn your turns…

Watch the amazing first flight of CopterPack!

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: CopterPack – The Future of Backcountry Skiing?

  1. Technically, legally, the Sierra Club is going to shoot this down because its motorized/mechanized. You will quickly learn they have already closed 85% of the back country terrain you were scoping and hoping to shred.

  2. Just imagine!
    Just imagine all the lines you’ll get from a 3 minute battery life. No worries, just carry 4 more 20lb batteries or wait 2 hours for a full charge.
    Just imagine, storing the copter on your back with all your other gear and skiing down anything remotely steep or narrow.
    Just imagine, crashing and having to find all the parts to your $10k toy.
    It’s fun to fantasize I suppose?

  3. Nice. Looks a little tippy. But should be fine at 10’ thousand feet with snow and wind. Right, who needs a helicopter when you can fly with all the stability of a mosquito. What could go wrong.

      1. Heavy? It’s a device you wear on your back to lift you into flight. I’d imagine that it must be fairly light weight, beside the battery.

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