Coronavirus panic at French ski resort: 11 British skiers quarantined

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Photo: JEFF PACHOUD / Getty Images

11 British nationals visiting a ski resort in the French Alps were placed in isolation units at a hospital last Friday, Feb. 7, after 5 of them were diagnosed with the coronavirus. 4 adults and a 9-year old boy reportedly contacted the virus from one of the British nationals whom had spent time in Singapore where they contracted the coronavirus prior to their visit in the French Alps.

The affected individuals are being treated and are not currently in serious condition, The New York Post reports. Since the outbreak at the resort, the total number of coronavirus cases in France is now up to 11.

Globally, over 40,000 people have contracted the virus, and 910 have died, making this outbreak more deadly than the SARS outbreak. The epicenter of the disease, the Chinese city of Wuhan, has been in lockdown since January.

Contamines-Montjoie: the french ski resort/village where the recent coronavirus outbreak occured. Photo: Yahoo News

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