Could Ski Bum Food Be Under Threat?!

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ski bum food
Could eating habits this winter change? Credit: Unsplash | gbarkz.

Could ski bum food be under threat? Most ski bums are known for surviving on a shoestring with skiing and riding the most important thing after a good après. But this winter there is a worry which has not been addressed in the mainstream media which could affect the niche group of individuals.

This pandemic has driven humans to stockpile some really strange things this year. There are literally houses which have rooms filled with toilet paper, it has been reported. Google it. But did you know that stores nearly ran out of frozen pizza back in April?

Americans had purchased approximately $275 million worth of frozen pizza. This was up 92-per-cent from the same time in 2019 according to data analytics firm IRI.

Luckily by April, most ski bums had nearly finished skiing for the winter, so the frozen pizza shortage was going to be ok because most were migrating back to their vans from their friend’s couches. They did not have a freezer or a way of heating them for the summer anyway.

pizza, pepperoni
Pizza the food of a staple diet for ski bums. Credit: Unsplash, Alan Hardman.

Though there are growing concerns moving into the 2020/21 winter, a report from August has said there was a shortage of pepperoni! With prices having apparently been recorded to have increased by one third to 50% more since the pandemic started. Some stores have stated they will not increase the price of pizza onto the consumer, but everyone knows that is not how ski towns work.

The price of a slice of pepperoni is definitely going to go up. It is a real shame as pepperoni is crucial for a pepperoni pizza. Pizza is not going to be pizza and pizza is part of a staple diet for the ski bum. There is nothing better than a quick slice in the middle of the day of lunch between hot laps, a post-ski snack, after a few too many beers at après, or served cold for breakfast while driving to the mountain.

The main staple of ski bum food could be impacted, do ski bums know how to cook? Many ski bums could go hungry this winter.

Though it is not all doom and gloom for the ski bum, we hear reports they can still grab free Nature Valley bars from some lift ticket offices. They are just not as tasty as a juicy cheap slice of pepperoni pizza.

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  1. Years ago, I would use the condiment table to make a salad. Lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, a little pepper and dressing made from a mix of mayo, catsup, and relish (thousand island). That hack was discovered and went away with burgers/sandwiches getting all the produce when assembled.

    Nowadays, I get the cold cuts in the faux Tupperware box that is reused to hold my sandwich uncrushed in my pocket.

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