Couple Rescued After Spending 14-Nights Snowed in their Car on Alamo Mountain, CA

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rescued, california
The couple and their dogs had run out of food and water. Credit: SEB | Twitter

Two campers and their two dogs were rescued from the mountains northwest of Castaic, CA after being snowed in their vehicle for 14 days, officials said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Bureau flew in a rescue crew and medics to assist the man and woman, as well as their two dogs. They were hoisted out and flown to safety.

They had been out on Alamo Mountain for two weeks and had run out of food and water, deputies said.

“They had initially headed out for a camping trip,” said Charles Miranda with the LASD. “They weren’t expecting the snows to come in and they got stuck – a downed tree on one side of the truck and a couple feet of snow on the other.”

rescued, california
The couple had been stuck in the snow for 2 weeks. Credit: SEB | Twitter

Eventually, they were able to hike to the top of a hill and get cellphone reception to call for help. The sheriff’s SEB was able to follow their tracks and footprints and eventually found their vehicle on the mountain. The two were out of food and fuel, but otherwise uninjured and did not need medical attention.

“They were grateful we had shown up,” Miranda said. “They were scared, very thirsty.”

rescued, california
Alamo Mountain, CA

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