CR Johnson Passed Away 4 Years Ago Today

Ryan Mulcahy |

Today marks 4 years since the world has been blessed with the presence of one of the most influential skiers of modern times. Even beyond his skiing CRJ was a really wonderful person that brought light and joy to all that came in contact with him.

Much of the progression that we see today in the free skiing was pioneered by CR among others. CR dominated every aspect of skiing on every level, yet remained very humble in his demeanor and never portrayed himself as a big A list skier.

“Live your life, love your  Life,  Don’t’ Regret” CRJ

The motivation, drive and dedication that CR exhibited we can all grow from. He suffered a serious brain injury while skiing in the height of his career and nearly died. Yet he came back strong as ever and dominated skiing as if the injury never happened.

“Only the things that you truly love will you pursue with that energy”

His perspective of life and love of experience in life is what I find to be the most motivating. I find myself referring to his philosophy of a daily basis for inspiration.

 Thank you CRJ for all your spiritual guidance, you will not be forgotten,  RIP CRJ.

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