Crash of the Week: Cross Country Skis + Stair Case = Near Death Experience

SnowBrains |

Watch as the guy in this video attempts to ski down a stair case.  On cross country skis.  With skate shoes taped on as bindings.  The ensuing crash is nothing short of spectacular.  A full tomahawk and a half, double ejection, hat losing yard sale with a near impaling by his ski makes the cake for this weeks crash of the week.

We’ve all been there before.  Standing atop a snow covered stair case (or perhaps a perfectly dry stair case from that matter), the enters the mind “This stairs must be schralped.”  While not all of us act on this urge, the ones who successfully do are rewarded with the highest acclaim, best stair skier in the house.  Unfortunately for this bloke, skate shoes taped to cross country skis just wasn’t the winning combination.

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