Daily Mount Washington, NH Avalanche Forecasts to be Issued

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The Mount Washington Avalanche Center will be issuing daily reports once conditions warrant. Credit: MWAC

Forecasters with the Mount Washington Avalanche Center say that daily avalanche forecasts will be issued this year when conditions allow. 

Mount Washington Avalanche Center Spokeswoman, Colleen Mainville, said that staff members who will be issuing the reports will come in after receiving specialized training beforehand in order to make accurate forecasts.

“In addition to existing experienced staff, the Mt. Washington Avalanche Center is excited about the arrival and integration of new, highly qualified staff to boost Avalanche Center capacity and allow for the transition to 5-scale forecasting when appropriate,” Mainville said.

Reports are not being issued yet, however, once the conditions on Mount Washington allow, forecasters will commence making daily reports for the area.

Mainville also warned that conditions on Mount Washington can change rapidly:

“Please remember that safe travel in avalanche terrain requires training and experience. Our forecast is just one tool to help you make your own decisions in avalanche terrain,” she said.

Credit: MWAC

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