VIDEO: The Daily Pow Takes the First Turns of the Season at Alta, UT | Verdict: It’s Not Ready Yet

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Alta Daily, courtesy of The Daily Pow: The first significant snow of the 2018-2019 season was a meager stormI estimated about 6 inches at the base and maybe 10 up to 15 where it drifted high on Gunsight. Lots of bush and rock and not a ton of snow.  But we decided to hike up anyway because why the hell not.

We saw about 13 deer crossing from Backside into Jitterbug across the Thirds face. There were 2 thin ribbons that made up Gunsight, lookers left from middle to low and a short ribbon up high that was really bony. The entrance was mostly rock and an attached rope was helpful in getting in. This looked to be the most snow anywhere on the mountain other than maybe high up in Supreme.

Conclusion, it’s not really ready to ski yet.  Unless you don’t mind hitting or coming very close to rocks on every single turn.

Alta is just one of 36 iconic destinations available on the Ikon Pass.

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