Don’t Try This at Home, Kids! Pro-Skier Daron Rahlves Hits 100-MPH at Sugar Bowl Resort, CA

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Daron Rahlves, sugar bowl resort, california, 100mph
Is it a bird, is it a plane…Nope, it’s Daron Rahlves? Credit: Facebook

Don’t try this at home, kids! Pro-skier Daron Rahlves exceeded 100-mph on skis at Sugar Bowl Resort, CA last week.

Disclaimer, only a professional with years of experience should try and match it. New personal speed record set …101 MPH With three spotters (Thanks Boys!) and a clear run top to bottom progress was made on each run…94, 99, then 101MPH. Had the perfect combination of a long smooth run, fast spring snow and cloud coverage keeping the surface greasy. @atomicski SG #redster 210’s #atomicski #waxedbywend@wendwaxworks mid MF #meadowfoam #wendwax @girosnow#giroavance #weareskiing #checkthestats #101mph #speedrun#personalspeedrecord #sugarbowlresort #skiracing @SugarBowlResort

Daron Rahlves, sugar bowl resort, california, 100mph
Credit: Facebook

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