David Wise: “I Sent it a Little Harder Than I Should Have” and Broke His Femur at the Audi Nines

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David Wise, broken femur, Audi nines
‘I did something dumb…” Credit: David Wise Instagram

Just days after breaking the world’s highest air record for half-pipe to banked landing, David Wise crashed hard at the Audi Nines, breaking his femur.


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I’m taking on a new summer project: knitting my femur back together. It’s certainly unfortunate, but it isn’t BAD. I’m very disappointed to be ending my ski season early because had so many exciting plans, but every injury I’ve ever had in my career has always brought me back stronger and more clearheaded. Thankfully I had my family here with me in Austria to support me through the surgery. I have the best wife in the world, @mrsdavidwise, she cancelled her plans and embraced the adventure through Austria so that she could be here to support me. I have an amazing team of people that are going to have my back and help me get through this with a vengeance. @cooper.andrew @maxresultsreno @usfreeskiteam @aissociation @ywise Don’t pity me, it’s barely more than a flesh wound. 😉 Also, now I have no excuse not to learn the banjo. Shoot me a comment of something you think I should do while I’m recovering and can’t ski. 👍 📸 @justinburgan

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In a post on his Instagram, the US Freeskiing Star revealed that he:

“…did something dumb, got a little over-confident, sent it a little harder than I should have, and paid the price for it”

Having had surgery, and been released from the hospital, the star is excited about the recovery process and is thankful that is was only a broken femur.

Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery!

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