Mikaela Shiffrin WINS Both World Cup Races at Squaw Valley, CA & Widens Her Overall Lead

Claire Weiss |
Mikaela Shiffrin after she won her second run in Slalom, Squaw Valley. Photo credit: Claire Weiss

Mikaela won another competition!!! She added another 100 points and got two Golds in Squaw Valley! She has just won 10th race of 2016-2017 World Cup! That is amazing!

That a was really tough competition, especially the second run.

Today was a blue bird day in Squaw Valley, sunny California skiing, although a bit icy in the morning, but the snow became slushy even before the second run started.  It was really hard to compete on that race course – only one third of athletes made it to the finish.

Squaw Valley. Photo credit: Claire Weiss

In the first run Mikaela finished second, just 0.02 seconds after Wendy Holdener (Switzerland).


Mikaela skiing the 1st run, March 11th. Photo credit: Andrei Morozov


Ladies Slalom, March 11th results. Image credit: FIS Alpine

The fight on the second run was very hard, emotions were running high! Frederika Brignone, who was the second in GS previous day, couldn’t finish the run. Wendy Holderner, who was the first in 1st run fell just few gates before the finish line..


Leader board on Jumbo screen, Squaw Valley, March 11th. Photo credit: Claire Weiss

But despite everything Mikaela won her 10th World Cup of the season!


Winners of World Cup, March 10-11th. From the left: Sarka Strachova (2nd place), Mikaela Shiffrin ( 1st place), Bernadette Schild(3rd place). Photo credit: Claire Weiss

Next World Cup race will be held in Aspen on March 15th. Follow the news on SnowBrains!




Slalom race course. Photo credit: Claire Weiss


Squaw dogs. Photo credit: Claire Weiss


Chute 75. Photo credit: Claire Weiss


View of Lake Tahoe. Photo credit: Claire Weiss


Mikaela Shiffrin, photo with fans. Photo credit: Claire Weiss


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