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With the deadline looming, Epic Pass holders are confused and frustrated about redeeming the credit offered by Vail Resorts for closing resorts early in March 2020. The original September 7th deadline was extended to 17th September, tomorrow, for customers wishing to utilize the credit from last season against this year’s pass purchase.

A quick browse of the comments on this Facebook posts reveals a lot of frustration and unhappiness among Epic Pass customers:

To Address Last Season:

Credits from 20% to 80% for Season Pass Holders: We are providing credits to 2019-20 season pass holders, based on the price of their pass, to apply toward the purchase of a 2020-21 season pass of equal or greater value:

    • A minimum credit of 20% for season pass holders, based on the resort closures in mid-March impacting about 20% of the core season
    • Higher credits for season pass holders who used their pass less than five days
    • A maximum credit of 80% if you did not use your season pass at all, because we recognize that some of you were waiting until spring to use your pass

Credits for Epic Day Pass, Whistler Blackcomb Edge Card and Multi-Pack Pass Holders: For guests with remaining days on their 2019-20 Epic Day Pass, Edge Card or one of our other multi-pack pass products, we are providing a credit for each unused day, up to 80% of the price paid for your pass to apply toward a pass of equal or greater value for next season.

Your credit will be valid through Labor Day (Sept. 7, 2020): because we understand that you may need time to decide on your plans for next season.

Canadian Pique News Magazine is reporting on the frustrations of Whistler Blackcomb based Epic Pass holders facing extremely long, and often unfruitful, telephone queues as they try and sort out their passes for next season. 

“My takeaway is this Vail corporation is lucky that they’re getting our support again this year, after all this nonsense.”

– Whistler Epic Pass holder told Pique News Magazine

Aware of the issues facing guests, the resort responded by bringing in more pass experts:

An online form is available, here, for guests wanting to lock in their credit before the deadline passes tomorrow. Vail Resorts announced their winter operating policy last month, revealing that day tickets will not be sold at any of their resorts until after December 8th. Therefore, if you want to ski at a Vail Resorts resort, you’ll need to buy your Epic Pass.

The early season will be reserved for pass holders only. We will not sell lift tickets until Dec. 8.

Tomorrow is also the deadline for buying your Epic Pass at the best price. Having put down a $49 deposit, the SnowBrains founder and CEO is also confused about whether he still needs to lock in his credit, or if his deposit has already confirmed that:

I bought an Epic Local pass for Park City and put the $49 down. I don’t know if that means I have to do something tomorrow to get my $147 credit or not…

After revealing their operating policy for next season, many customers were upset that Vail Resorts would be implementing a reservation system across their resorts. In recognition of this, Vail Resorts will also be offering refunds for those who bought their pass before the announcement. That deadline is also September 17th.

If you purchased a 2020-21 pass product prior to Aug. 27 and no longer want to move forward with your pass, we will provide you a refund of the amount paid if your request is made by Sept. 17 through our call center or an online form that will be available by Sept. 1.

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