Deadly Austrian Alp Range Takes More Lives in August

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Zillertal Alps South Face of Olperei. Wikipedia


The Zillertal Alps Range in Austria claims several dozen mountaineers annually. This year, the deadliest climbing accident so far took three mountaineers. Three German climbers, all over 60, died below the Mannikarscharte Pass near Krimml; a forth German man, who was over 70, survived the accident. He was flown to Salzburg for medical treatment.


The accident happened at 9500 feet above sea level. The remoteness and heightened risk of landslides, required 5 rescue helicopters to recover the bodies. The police reported that the climbers had been roped together for safety when they fell 650 feet, landing in a crevasse. The head of the Red Cross Rescue Team, Anton Voithofer, said, “We think a rope may have come lose”.

Alps Map, Wikipedia


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