How to Deal with Squaw not Running Today and The Bike Trails Being Covered in… Snow?

Spencer Miller | CycleCycle
Thanks, June. Photo courtesy of Ben Leech.

I came out to Lake Tahoe to do a little early-season mountain biking, but when I arrived yesterday, I was greeted with a few inches of fluffy stuff.  With my snowboard stored somewhere back in Colorado and the bike trails being snow-packed, I’m resorting to a video day to get me stoked for the beautiful weather and tacky trails to come.

Here’s what I will be watching to cure my blues:

RIDE YOUR F#%CKING BIKE!- This is just a well crafted and fun, long-form edit of the Fox Racing team navigating their way from Irvine, CA all the way up to the classic Vancouver Island, in memory of their friend Stevie Smith (43:01 run time).

Greg Minnaar- This Is Home- Provides some good insight into the life and childhood of one of the best downhill racers in the history of the sport, proving that he is human after all (5:31 run time).

A Bigger Slice of British Pie- Here’s a little slip n’ slide action from those shredding muddy trails just across the pond.  Make sure to watch during tea time (56:26 run time).

-I hope these flics help deal with your “snow day!”  

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