Death Valley, CA Records Earth’s Hottest Temperature in 3 Years: Just 1º Less Than Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded

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Death Valley, California. Photo: NPS

The official weather observing station in Death Valley, California — called Furnace Creek for good reason — reached a scorching 128 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday, CBS News reports. 

That marks the hottest temperature recorded anywhere on the planet since 2017 and is only one degree behind what experts say is likely the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth. Whew…

A heatwave toasts the south/southwest. Photo courtesy CBS News.

Currently, the Southwest and lower Plains region are experiencing a brutal heatwave which has set dozens of records over last weekend. According to CBS News, more record-high temperatures are expected this week as the heatwave travels eastward and northward.

Other notable daily records include 121 degrees in Palm Springs, California; 116 in Phoenix, Arizona; 113 in Tucson, Arizona; 110 in Roswell, New Mexico; and 109 in Del Rio, Texas. Towns in Wyoming and Utah also hit record highs above 100 degrees, according to CBS News.

And that’s not all: possibly the most impressive numbers were the heat index (“feels like”) numbers which reached near 120 in Oklahoma and Louisiana.

These are the times when we miss winter a little extra!

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