Denali National Park, AK To Expand Access

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green pine trees near snow covered mountain during daytime
Beautiful mountain scene in Denali National Park and Preserve, AK. Unsplash

Denali National Park And Preserve intends to expand their season, as well as the infrastructure within. These changes are in response to a rise in eager visitors during the off-season months of September-May. Numbers are up 400% in the winter from years past, although that only accounts for a few percent of Denali’s annual visitors. Majority occurring in the summer season.

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Two bull moose skulls locked together, in a fight that most likely was the end of them both. Unsplash

The rising numbers are not just local Denali phenomena, statewide visitation interest is increasing. Seems as though people from all walks of life are seeking cooler destinations to travel to as of late. They will be expanding vehicular access, as well as parking accommodations within the park. There is no official timeline for the upgrades at this time.

mountain range under white clouds during daytime
River drainage in Denali National Park and Preserve, AK. Unsplash

Some local officials are unsure of the expansion, citing potential concerns. “Expressed were concerns about possible negative effects on wolf packs, caribou and bears, and noted that road plowing also limits opportunities to ski. It’s not so much that anything bad is going to happen immediately, It’s just this swings the door open,” says Nancy Bale of the Denali Citizens Council.

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