Denver International Airport Reached A High Temperature Of 69 Degrees Yesterday | Ties The Record High For December 12th Set In 1895

Chris Wallner | | WeatherWeather
Denver temperature trends. Image: NOAA Boulder/Denver, CO

According To NOAA Denver/Boulder, CO, Denver International Airport reached a high of 69 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. That ties the record high for that day that was set in 1895. The area has experienced warm temperatures throughout the fall, along with a substantial drought in measureable snow accumulation.

Denver temperature records. Image: NOAA Denver/Boulder, CO

Thankfully, a cold front is expected to impact the area this morning, which should drop temperatures by 10 degrees. Along with that, the mountains in the area are expected to see snowfall today. The ski areas in Colorado are in desperate need of it, especially with the holidays approaching.

6-10 day temperature outlook. Image: NOAA
6-10 day precipitation outlook. Image: NOAA
Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, CO has snow in the forecast. Image: NOAA
Denver, CO forecast. Image: NOAA

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