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Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows this past week. Photo – Snowbrains

What if you could curate the perfect winter?

What it would it look like?

Would you stay in one place or move around?

There are a few ski passes out there that can help with that, of course, but many of them fall just a little short. So many feel somehow…limited. But there’s one pass that offers something else entirely. A pass that offers experience, mountain culture and the chance to ski and ride your face off. The Alterra Mountain Company, which owns 12 winter destinations across North America, has partnered with 14 other premiere mountain destinations to offer something more than just a ski pass.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows this past week. Photo – Snowbrains

The Ikon Pass is a map to plotting your dream season.

It’s part ski pass, part lifestyle choice, part passport to local culture.

There are two options: the Ikon Pass and the Ikon Base Pass, with prices ranging from $599 to $899.

All Ikon Passes offer varying access to 26 destinations across North America. The list of these destinations is a who’s who in the ski world. Places like Mammoth Mountain, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Jackson Hole, Alta, Snowbird, Deer Valley Resort, Tremblant, Revelstoke and Big Sky. Those are just a few.

It’s almost overwhelming to think of the options the Ikon Pass presents for next winter.

It’s not just the terrain either, it’s the differences in terrain and unique character to every destination. Each mountain offers their own local flare and character. There’s no stale corporate consistency in this group, but a celebration of differences in local mountain culture.

Some stats over the last week at Mammoth Mountain.

So, how do you design your dream winter?

If I had to start somewhere, it would be a quick study of monthly snowfall at each destination.

This would inevitably lead me to the Colorado side of things next November. They always have early pow.

Next would be Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Things tend to go off there before the holidays. After that it’s a big, beautiful world out there.

Utah for January?

Maybe combine that with some time in Jackson Hole and Big Sky?

February has to be reserved for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows and Mammoth Mountain. It’s the golden hour in that part of the world.

Come spring, head east.

Spend some time in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, shredding some spring corn and enjoying the sunshine.

To finish, have a quick jaunt back west to enjoy some late season turns and some relaxing vibes in Aspen Snowmass. The Ikon Pass offers the chance to create your own mountain adventure, as short or as long and as varied as you like.

Your guide to creating a dream winter. Map included. Image – Ikon Pass

Each destination on this carefully curated list is an icon.

Each destination offers something special.

Sure, there is awesome terrain, some of the best terrain, but there’s more. The Ikon Pass is a chance to experience the mountains and experience something visceral and uncomplicated, something wild and untamed and beautiful and simple.

What will your dream season look like?

Full details of the Ikon Pass

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