Do Not Wash Your Hands | Urine to Conserve…

Mota Bota |
Don’t do this!

Do You Urine To Conserve?

Sequestered and slumbering under a layered cloak of denim and cotton, the phallus rests pristine.

As guys, we may gloss over various sectors of our body when bathing, but Richard ‘always’ gets a good, vigorous, scrubbing.

I’m talkin’ about your penis!

I’m with the 34%.

*Now picture yourself walking into a public restroom*  You’ll initially touch the cleanest object in the world (your penis); then in succession, the filthiest objects: flush handle, faucet handle, dispenser handle, and door handle as you exit.


With few exceptions, there is little reason to wash your hands after a piss – unless you intend on spreading a virus?  Simply walk in, pee, and then leave.

By doing this, You’ve ~ Conserved Water, Spared Trees, and Saved Time!


bro down
bro down

Skiers, Boarders, Campers, Will You Stand With Me?

– Mota Bota

“If I can prevent just one Guy from washing his hands after a piss, my words will not be in vain.”

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3 thoughts on “Do Not Wash Your Hands | Urine to Conserve…

  1. Washing is public courtesy whether you’ve only touched your “clean” penis or a dirty door or toilet handle. they should start putting the hand washing area outside the toilet room –> do your business, exit, wash then move on.

  2. This is for real. Nothing nastier than a public restroom. My dad taught me well…

    Dad: “Did you piss on yourself?”
    Me: “No”
    Dad: “Great, now don’t touch anything and let’s get out of here”

    You should treat most public bathrooms like a soccer match. Use your feet only if possible.

  3. Washing hands is making super bugs and making our immune systems weaker. wash your hands around babies, old people, and sick people.

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