Documentary: Pioneers Of Skiing The Himalaya in Winter | Beyond Skiing Everest

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Skiing Everest sounds insanely difficult.

These men are pioneers of skiing the Himalaya in the winter. 

Let their extreme passion inspire you.

“Mike Marolt, Steve Marolt and Jim Gile have over 25 years of expeditions to some 40 of the highest peaks in the world, without Sherpa, oxygen, drugs and all the BS. They have gone to places so cold that most manufactured gear cannot tolerate the temperature, and are forced to innovate in order to make their own gear.

As of late, climbing has had some major issues. The over commercialization of Mount Everest has brought stress, clogged routes, mountain fighting, injury and death to what once was personal challenge for an elite few. Commerce has found a way to provide a way for people without the experience needed to get up there.

The lines of people climbing Everest now are a testament to the craziness and sort of an insult to the climbers who spend decades of time honing their abilities to make those ascents.

The cause behind the Beyond Skiing Everest project is to expose the over commercialization of Everest and to show viewers how many mind-blowing high altitude climbs can be found on the planet, to satiate the appetite for adventure.” – Beyond Skiing Everest

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