Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Backcountry | The Fido Pro Airlift Pack

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A dog enjoying some back country skiing. Image: The Summit Register

Colorado man Paul Hoskinson created a new essential piece of equipment for dog owners who also happen to be outdoor enthusiasts- the Fido Pro Airlift. This product is a hammock-style backpack that is packable and lightweight, and allows the owner to safely carry their dog out of a bad situation.

Hoskinson came up with the idea after a close call with his dog in the backcountry. Remi (the dog) ran too close to Hoskinson while he was skiing some old slide debris and her leg was clipped by a ski. Hoskinson was able to get Remi to safety and to the vet, but only because she fit in his pack and he was with friends who helped carry his gear.

Remi takes a test drive in the Fido Pro Airlift. Image: Fido Protection

After searching the internet, Hoskinson could not find a product that would have helped him and Remi in their predicament. Surprised by this, he spent the next six months trying out designs until he came up with the Fido Pro Airlift. Locally made in Colorado and weighing 10.5 ounces, the avid backcounrty skier believes his product will fit well in anyone’s pack.

Remi in the Airlift. Image: Unofficial Networks

Hoskinson’s company is based out of Carbondale and the product is currently available on the website and in a few local stores. He has hopes of expanding to Utah, Montana, and Wyoming.

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