Family’s Dogs Survive THREE Weeks Lost in The French Alps

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dogs, survived, alps
Mika and Mungo survived 3 weeks in the Alps. Credit: Facebook

Family dogs Mungo and Mika survived for THREE weeks in the French Alps alone while their owner Abigail Beaumont searched desperately for them. Abigail was walking the rescue dogs next to a canal in Morzine, France in March when they took off in search of adventure and disappeared.

Although Mika, six, and Mungo, three, knew their way home, when they didn’t return that evening, the family were frantic and organized search parties, set up social media pages to share their story and called in an American dog psychic for reassurance they were alive.

The family feared they would freeze to death, starve, be poisoned while scavenging for food or even eaten.

“They’re survivors but we have perishing temperatures, ­avalanches and wild boar out here.”

Three weeks later someone heard barking and howling from a remote part of the mountains ten miles away from the canal. Abigail recognized their barks but mountain rescue said it was too treacherous to reach them.

dogs, survived, alps
Credit: The Sun

A trio of local ski instructors who had followed their story rallied to help with climbing kits, ropes, harnesses, shovels, a probe, a transfuser tracking device and an ABS bag and went out, risking their own lives in the treacherous conditions.

Abigail told The Sun: “The rescuers risked their lives to save our dogs. One more night could have killed them and we are so thankful for all they did.”

The dogs were cold, shaken, ­covered in ticks and had lost 30 percent of their body weight, but after being checked over by their vet, they look set to make a full recovery.

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