Double Amputee Summits Everest on Fifth Attempt

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Xia Boyu doesn’t let anything stand in his way. Image: Weibo

Xia Boyu, a Chinese climber and double amputee, just conquered Everest. After four previous attempts, losing his feet from frostbite, and fighting lymphoma, he never gave up. According to Outside,

“at 8:26 a.m., on Monday, the now 70-year-old Xia finally stood on top of the world.”

Pure stoke
After four previous attempts, Xia successfully summited Everest this week. image: Xia Boyu

Xia and his team were led by  Imagine Trek and Expedition They left at 8pm Sunday with good conditions, calm winds, and temperatures around -10 F. This was far from Xia’s previous encounters with Mt. Everest.  With the mountain finally cooperating, they were able to summit with no major disasters.

The 14 climbers were among the first to summit Everest this season after a Sherpa team set the fixed ropes to the summit the previous afternoon.

Xia’s story is one of pure determination and grit. He is now the second double amputee to summit Everest followed by New Zealander Mark Inglis.

Xia Boyu
Xia takes on routes that so many mountaineers aspire to complete. Image: South China Morning Sun

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