Legendary Mountaineer and Explorer Doug Stoup’s Favorite Places on Earth to Ski

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Skiing the Antarctic – like nothing else on Earth.

Doug Stoup has skied worldwide, from Alaska, the Arctic, and Antarctica to Europe and the Himalayas. So when he revealed his favorite places to ride on an episode of the SnowBrains podcast, we thought we’d share them with you.


“Antarctica is probably my favorite place to go skiing.”

Antarctica. Nothing but rocks, sea, and ice. Image: Stein Retzlaff

The Alps

“My favorite mountain range is probably the Sierras, although I do love the Alps. I was lucky enough two or three years ago to guide Richard Branson in the Alps in the summer, and Mont Blanc was the crescendo of that trip.”

“The Alps really turn me on. I really love the atmosphere, the lifestyle, and just the people; how they embrace the mountains there. I think it’s a little bit different.”

couloir, death, mont blanc, couloir, death, mont blanc
The couloirs of Point d’Orny, Mont Blanc Massif.

Sierra Nevada, California

“I think it’s more of a solo mission here in the Sierras. Me and a core group of friends will go down there and ski the Classic Couloirs and there’s so much skiing that no one’s ever there. So it’s one of those things which is pretty special to me, and that’s one of the reasons why I moved to Lake Tahoe, is really because the access to the eastern Sierra is unbelievable. You can ski eleven months out of the year, so not a bad place to live.“

Sierra Nevadas, Snowy Mountains, Easter SIerra
Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains Image: @mammothmountain | Facebook

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