Due To Marijuana Use Loveland Ski Area, CO Employee Who Died On The Job’s Family Being Refused Benefits

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In December 2017, Adam Lee died while working at Loveland Ski Area, CO.  

His family is now being denied 50% of his workers’ compensation benefits because marijuana was found in his system.

Marijuana use is legal in Colorado, but a Colorado law exists that allows workers’ comp companies to cut benefits by 50-percent if toxicology tests prove positive for marijuana or any other controlled substance.

Adam’s wife, Erika was devastated by this loss of workers’ compensation and reached out to ABC affiliate Contact7 in Denver, CO to tell her story.

“I’m scared, and I have no idea how we are going to make it.  We don’t know if we will get any money, so I’m just looking now at how to survive.” – Erika told Contact7 in an interview

Loveland trail map.

Contact7 reports that toxicology tests performed on Adam’s body confirmed high levels of THC in his system at the time of his death, but were unable to determine if Adam was impaired or intoxicated at the time of his death.

Adam was an electrician at Loveland Ski Area.

He died while repairing a Magic Carpet ski escalator.

“He got caught on the Magic Carpet, and when the Magic Carpet stopped, they just started it again and again and again — seven times total.” – Erika Lee told Contact7

Erika will be losing around $800 per month in denied workers’ compensation benefits.

Erika will appeal the state’s decision to cut her families benefits.  A hearing is set and will occur in August.

Map showing location of Loveland ski area, CO.

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