Down To Earth Expedition, Chapter 1: Iceland

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Down To Earth Expedition


“Down to Earth is filming a series of human-powered expeditions dedicated to education, effects of climate change, and how to live sustainably.” –Down To Earth Expedition


“To use the “outdoor classroom model” to educate children about the world around them

To intentionally use human powered exploration

To build awareness of where our food comes from through the 100 mile diet”


“We are beginning to film a series of human-powered expeditions dedicated to education, effects of climate change, and how to live sustainably.

Each member of the expedition connects to the wilderness in a meaningful way and seeks to answer, “How can I use my voice to protect, educate, and continue to enjoy these wonderful, snowy environments?” The variety of backgrounds, representing teachers, guides, professional athletes and cinematographers, make this a significant trip affording a multi-faceted view; a chance to see that protecting and educating about the environment is important to all types of people with all types of perspectives. Anyone, all of us, can work hard to make a difference for the wild environment.

A single blanket has many individual threads, without those threads there is no blanket, no coverage. We are weaving many ideas into this single trip to hopefully impact communities all over. To then give them tools and ideas of how to become involved in their communities.

The First Story- Iceland.

The trip will be from April 22-May 3rd 2017. The sailing/sea kayaking portion will be from April 24-29, 2017 aboard Aurora Arktika a company based out of Isafjordur, Iceland. During the rest of the portion of the trip we will be visiting with the farms, fisherman and local people that contributed to the trip in regards to food,travel, and connection. We will also be exploring the land by skiing out our backdoor or taking the local bus systems to near by local chutes and slopes to ski. We will be staying at a house in town with a women that has been helping us connect to many of the local people.”

-Down To Earth, Facebook


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