VIDEO: Think There Are No High-Consequence Lines on the East Coast? Check Out ‘The Empress’ on Tuckerman Ravine, NH

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Talk about having to pick your line carefully! If you think there are no high consequence lines on the east coast, you’re wrong.

The “Empress Snowfield” is one of the more aesthetically pleasing lines in The Whites. As viewed from Hermit Lake it seems much steeper than it is but the exit can be a challenge, to say the least. A perfect example of not only a highly exposed line but a really good descent as well.

It’s a bit technical to find the entrance and not great skiing to this point so I chose to downclimb. The vantage point from above is much different than the straight-on view and the snowfield feels compressed. The snow was great up top but quickly changed to “hot pow” by the exit and as it sluffed I took my time making my way across the exposed cliffs. It’s a novelty run with a technical exit of your choosing, not sure I’ll race to do it again but the neighboring lines are more bang for your buck.

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That’s some line… Credit: Ski The Whites

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