East Vail Avalanche Victim, Tony Siebert, Was Vail Founder’s Grandson | His Tribute Video:

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This video really gives 24-year-old Tony Siebert (Vail founder Peter Seibert’s grandson) a face and an energy that can’t be denied.  Tony was one of us.

Tony passed away in an avalanche in the East Vail Chutes today.  

This is a shocking and terrible tragedy. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to Tony’s entire family. I want to acknowledge how integral the Seibert family is to the fabric of our community; their contributions to Vail date back to Vail founder Pete Seibert, Tony’s grandfather. This is an incomprehensible loss and we will support the Seibert family and our community through this difficult time. Tony had recently starred in, “Climb to Glory,” a documentary that will forever be a tribute not only to the famed 10th Mountain Division and his family’s legacy but to a wonderful albeit tragically too short life.” – Chris Jarnot, SVP and COO of Vail Mountain

Tony Seibert passed away January 7th in a large slide in the East Vail backcountry.  Tony was a perfect example of why skiing is fun.   I’ve never seen someone so positive after tearing their ACL.  From pipe to big mountain, he crushed all aspects of the sport. Tony, thank you for inspiring.  – West Elk Project


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4 thoughts on “East Vail Avalanche Victim, Tony Siebert, Was Vail Founder’s Grandson | His Tribute Video:

  1. Even though posts like this dont get many responses (and consequenly wont make into the “Top 10 Stories of 2014” list I can tell you from personal experience that recognition of this young man from within the skiing tribe will help his family immensely. That he was a valued and respected member of a group of such fascinating, strong, exciting people also means he lived a life that was bigger than his years would indicate. A life that many of us who live full lives wil never know. As always, thanks Miles and crew.

    1. SteveB, thanks for the comment. We agree. We’ve lost some amazing people this winter and it’s tough to accept. Our communities will always be altered after losing these people and we’ll certainly never forget them.

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