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Eastern Sierra, Feb 18th, 2015

by Pee1000

It hasn’t snowed in weeks?  months? years?  I can’t even remember anymore.  But here’s the thing: sliding down snowy mountains is fun, even during a drought.

The high elevation and crystal clear nights keep the snow in the High Sierra nice and wintery even when it’s tee shirt weather down in town.  The crux is mustering up the motivation to get to it.  While I haven’t been ski touring as much as usual this year, every time that I have gone out I’ve had a great time.

On February 18, two friends and I set out to ride some chutes north of Mammoth Lakes that we thought would still have good snow in them, and we weren’t disappointed.   We climbed up the backside of the peak and scampered around to scope things out.  We were 95% sure that the rocky and exposed entrance that we wanted to ride went through, but the 5% of uncertainty kept the nerves on edge until safely out of the gnar and into the main chute.  I’m not going to lie, it was really, really fun!  Here’s to a snowy March!

Eastern Sierras last week.  photo:  sierra mountain guides
Eastern Sierras last week. photo: sierra mountain guides

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