Eastern Sierra, CA Backcountry Report: “The Flume” Off 13,000′ Mt. Dana | Tioga Pass

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Report from June 22nd, 2019

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Skis Used:  Scott Super Guide 105

Saturday may have been our last backcountry ski tour of the season…

There was one last chute that we’d wanted to ski off 13,000′ Mt. Dana and it looked spicy.

The chute is named “The Flume” (at least that’s what we named it in situ) and it’s just skier’s left of Solstice Couloir.

Erica dropping into the steep section of The Flume. image: snowbrains

We started hiking at about 8:30 up the back of Dana and we were able to find the chute pretty quickly.

Temps were cooler with a hard freeze the night before and firm snow conditions to start the day.

On our way up to the chute, we ran into a nice solo skier named Jen, we invited her to join us, and she did.

Jen dropping into The Flume. image: snowbrains

The entrance was guarded pretty well by steep walls of snow above a 50º funnel that choked down to about a ski-width wide before opening up into a nice long chute.

I decided to use my shovel and make a channel in the steep snow wall that we could use to walk down into the chute via.

It worked, but that first funnel really was steep…

Miles on the Chute Out Alternate spine. image: snowbrains

Jen and Erica charge down the funnel and out into the chute and down the apron.

I followed suit and we were all pretty stoked on having pulled it off smoothly.

The snow in the chute was soft and splashy and we had some moderate sluff.

Jen atop The Flume. image: snowbrains

We then contoured out of Glacier Canyon, up onto the Dana Plateau and over to the top of Chute Out Alternate.

Chute Out Alternate is still too fun and it felt extra spicy yesterday because the snow was a bit more firm that it has been which really made the thing feel steeper.

At the bottom of Ellery Bowl, we exchanged smiles, high fives, words of elation.

Erica and Jen between The Flume and Chute Out with Mt. Dana in the background. image: snowbrains

I hitchhiked up and grabbed the car up at Tioga Pass and we went straight to June Lake.

The Ohana food truck had just closed (they close at 4pm) so he hit Gordo’s Mexican joint where the beer was cold and the carne asada was hot.

Another simply unreal backcountry day off Tioga Pass.

I’m a bit sad thinking it may have been the last of the year.

2019/20 was my favorite ski season ever.

Erica up! image: snowbrains


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Jen about to drop off our platform into The Flume. image: snowbrains
Erica ripping out the bottom of Chute Out in Ellery Bowl. image: snowbrains
Erica and Jen skinning without snow with Mt. Dana in the background. image: snowbrains
Apres ski at Gordo’s Mexican in June Lake, CA. image: snowbrains

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3 thoughts on “Eastern Sierra, CA Backcountry Report: “The Flume” Off 13,000′ Mt. Dana | Tioga Pass

  1. Great report and thanks for sharing. Deliberating between Dana and Dunderberg peak. How is the coverage on Ellery bowl? Any beta on Dunderberg peak? I live in East Bay and hence want to make sure I do an objective worth the long drive 🙂 Thanks much!

    1. Hey Subhro, things are melting out quick but Ellery Bowl was still good on Saturday – the day of this report. I haven’t been back since. I haven’t been to Dunderburg this season. North Peak off Tioga might be a fun trip as well. Thanks, Miles

  2. Nice seeing you Miles. Try the Epic Cafe in Lee Vining next time. Unbelievably good. Nice report. Saturday at Mammoth was the best day in quite awhile with the deep freeze the night before.

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