[OLYMPICS] Eileen Gu Makes Olympic History After Winning Gold Yesterday

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Eileen Gu,
Eileen Gu made history yesterday. Credit: AP

Eileen Gu made history yesterday by becoming the first freeskier to pick up three medals at the same Winter Games when she won gold in the women’s halfpipe.

Gu, 18, threw down a 93.25 on her first run before going even bigger to score 95.25 on her second.

“I feel at peace. I feel grateful. I feel proud. Skiing is all about fun and individuality and being able to express yourself and find that flow, and for myself, I really find that in halfpipe. Being able to feel the rhythm of the walls, and being able to put unique grabs, to try different axis, spin different directions — it’s really fun and it’s the essence of the sport.”

– Eileen Gu

Gu had already won gold in the big air and silver in slopestyle at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. For her second run, Gu landed back-to-back cork 900s to start, mirroring tricks on each wall. Then she did it again on the bottom, combining alley-oop flat spin 540s in two different directions, writes CNN.

Defending Olympic champion Cassie Sharpe of Canada was second with 90.75, and Rachael Karker took bronze.

Gu, who grew up in San Francisco, CA, chose to represent China in 2019 as her mother is from China.

“When I’m in China, I’m Chinese. When I’m in the US, I’m American.”

– Eileen Gu

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  1. So true. But she’d be held up as an communistic ideal, pampered and taken care of by the dictatorship. Not so much for mr. mrs. Chin Q public.
    The broadcaster’s sure are promoting her.

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