Elan Skis Introduces Smart Ski Concept | Would You be Interested in a Ski that Helps You Ski Better?

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elan, elan skis, smart ski, concept, technology, gear
Elan Skis Smart Ski Concept. Credit: Elan Skis

Wireless devices are revolutionizing so many different aspects of our lives. Our homes and our cars to our consumption of media and entertainment, and also our health and fitness, with everything seemingly linked to our smartphone.

The use of sensors is now common across the fitness industry in the form of heart rate monitors, specialized trackers, GPS, and integrated training tools. This technology is now crossing over into the realm of outdoor sports, and Elan Skis is leading the way.

elan, elan skis, smart ski, concept, technology, gear
Analyse and improve your dynamics. Credit: Elan Skis

The company recently introduced its Smart Ski Concept, a way to measure skiing dynamics and translate the information in real time.

Elan Skis is a popular ski manufacturer located in the Slovenian Alps. The company has been dedicated to improving the sport through product development and innovation since they were founded at the end of the Second World War in 1945. It consistently delivers world-class products and receives awards and praise in the design realm. One of their other latest innovations is a foldable ski, super convenient and portable in the backcountry.

elan, elan skis, smart ski, concept, technology, gear
The sensors are constantly connected to your smartphone. Credit: Elan Skis

The Smart Ski Concept debuted this year at ISPO with a demonstration of the technology integrated into its high-performance SLX Fusion ski. Attendees watched as the Smart Ski captured data from the sensation of skiing movement and relayed it onto a computer screen.

The Smart Ski Concept features sensors integrated into the body of the skis that measure the skier’s dynamics, creating accurate readouts of precise weight flex and balance distribution. When the skier carves a turn or executes a maneuver, the sensors react by capturing the data and relaying it to a cloud database where it can be stored and then analyzed.

elan, elan skis, smart ski, concept, technology, gear
Post ski analysis provides feedback on areas you can improve your technique. Credit: Elan Skis

The data serves as a precise self-coaching tool through which you can evaluate weaknesses in your style and make improvements to your technique, it’s like your own virtual skiing coach. The provision of real time feedback serves as a personalized training program at your fingertips.

“Our Smart Ski technology is a reflection of Elan’s leadership in innovation,” stated Melanja Šober, head of product management for Elan’s winter division, in a press release. “As consumers are connected across every touch point of their daily lives, it’s an advancement not only for Elan, but also for the ski industry to connect technology between the skier and their skis.”

elan, elan skis, smart ski, concept, technology, gear
Real-time, on the go feedback. Credit: Elan Skis

Although the Elan Smart Ski Concept is still currently in the prototype phase and not yet ready for production, you can keep informed at the company’s website.

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