Elderly Couple Found Frozen to Death a Week After ‘Horrible Snowstorm’ in Arizona

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Stock image of a car buried in snow.

Exposure is suspected in the deaths of a married couple whose bodies were discovered Friday in the snow along a road in rural Arizona where a major wintry storm hit a week ago, authorities said Saturday. The cause of death has yet to be confirmed, but authorities are ruling out foul play.

“It is possible snow kept their bodies from view for a period of time,” the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office said.

Mike and Diane Haas told KNXV-TV that they spotted the bodies in snow as they left their home along Old Route 66 outside Ash Fork, a small community about 47 miles west of Flagstaff.

“I said ‘Sir, sir!’ And of course they didn’t respond. It came pretty obvious pretty quick, their skin color and other details that they were deceased. So we immediately called 911 and made sure not to touch anything,” Mike Haas said.

The couple’s car was found nearby and it appears they were heading for the Haas’ house, unfortunately falling 100-meters short and succumbing to weather-related conditions.

ash fork, arizona
The small, rural community of Ash Fork, Arizona

Conditions at that time (Nov 29-30) were ‘windy and horrible’ according to local meteorologist Darren McCollum, and around 12″ of snow will have fallen.

The Haases said the Richard Alexander, 74 was laying on top of Elizabeth Alexander, 79, possibly trying to keep her warm.

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