Electric PistenBully To Be Tested In Indoor Ski Centre

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PistenBully, environmentally friendly, green, electric groomer
Credit: PistenBully

In May this year, PistenBully, the worlds’ leader company in slope grooming machines, unveiled a brand new, 100% electric groomer.

The name is PistenBully 100 E, and is an improvement on the 2012 600 E+ which used a combined diesel/electric drive. However, it’s functionality was put in doubt since its battery autonomy only lasts for 2,5 – 3 hours. The charging time is of  5 hours to get 75% of the total charge. After 6.5 hours, the battery is completely charged.

The machine has already been on the snow and successfully completed initial tests. Now the groomer will start being tested for performance, reliability, and endurance in the indoor ski hall in Neuss, Germany.

Neuss is a 4,000 m² indoor ski area that stays open year-round. The indoor ski hall is very interesting as a testing ground because it is ruled by very strict conditions where the PistenBully is exposed to real demands every night.

The results are still yet to be seen. We will keep you informed.

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