Eliel Hindert Bonus Footage from “Valhalla”

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Our good friend Eliel Hindert just released this video today.  It features bonus footage of Eliel from “Valhalla” along with some shots that were in the movie.  Eliel can ski and this video proves it.

Occasionally we find ourselves cut adrift from the normal and known. Drifting from one moment to the next with no anchor, and being carried by daydreams and fleeting ideas rather than a solid piece of ground to stand on. What follows is not an aimless wandering but a desire to see and experience our world wherever it may drag us to next. To that I say, Wander On.

A look into the year that was 2012 for freeskier Eliel Hindert. From the coastal rain-forests the Cascades, to the snow addled fields of British Columbia. A combination of visual perspectives from various lenses. – Eliel Hindert

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