End Ski Touring Blisters Once and For All – Leukotape

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A blister being born? Photo: Dynafit

Blisters while backcountry skiing is something almost everyone has dealt with at one point or another. Finding that balance between uphill comfort and downhill performance in your ski boots is a never-ending challenge. Even more, it can be very hard to tell if the boot fit that feels great at home is going to chafe you to death on the skintrack. Once the damage has been done, even the smallest blister can feel like a season ending injury.

If you’ve never had a blister, well, you’re just lucky.

I have particularly bony heels and have tried just about every solution out there – thin socks, thick socks, 2 pairs of socks, laces, liners, lubricants….you name it.  Compression socks and tape on my heels seem to work the best, but a tape that will stick to sweaty feet for more than an hour or two is hard to find. Even duct tape has its limits. KT Pro Extreme kinesiology tape is pretty good, but it’s also pricey.

Leukotape – end blisters forever. Photo: BSN medical

Enter my latest discovery: Leukotape. At first glance, this unassuming tan roll doesn’t seem all that special. It’s just fabric tape, and it’s not that sticky.  Don’t be fooled though, this stuff has an inexplicably tenacious grip on even the sweatiest of feet. I’ve had Leukotape regularly survive on my heels for more than a week at a time, through countless ski tours and showers. Even better, when you’re ready to peel it off, it does so like nothing. It’s seriously magic.

The best part could be the price. Get a roll on Amazon for $6.89 and end your blister problem forever.

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2 thoughts on “End Ski Touring Blisters Once and For All – Leukotape

  1. Good point – Leukotape on top of an existing blister would be a bad idea! A good boot fit is really the best preventative action. Thankfully, over the years I’ve figured out I need an additional foam heel wrap in just about every boot, which helps keep my heel down and helps the issue tremendously.

  2. Been using this for 4-5 years now. Agree it is the best. But doesn’t eliminate blisters for me in the beginning of the season…just reduces the problem. Make sure to use some sort of pad/barrier over an existing blister otherwise the tape will take the skin with it when you peel it off….this stuff is tenacious.

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