More Epic Pass Holders Complain of Having Refunds Denied by Vail Resorts

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Vail Resorts.

After the abrupt closure of resorts in March 2020, many Epic Pass holders were concerned that if the same were to happen again this season it would leave them with a thousand-dollar season pass they could not use. To allay these fears, Vail Resorts announced that they would provide ‘Epic Coverage’ for free on all its 20-21 pass products.

When announcing their ‘Epic Coverage’ in May 2020, Vail Resorts wrote this on their website:

If you purchase a Season Pass, such as an Epic Pass or Epic Local Pass, you will receive a refund if you use your pass less than 7 days in the 2020/21 season if certain personal events occur, including illness, job loss, and injury.
Additionally, Epic Coverage protects you from certain resort closures, such as due to COVID-19, during this past season. These refunds will be determined by guest input on which resorts they plan on skiing or riding at, as well as the time periods in which they plan to visit.

However, as the end of the season approaches, some Epic Pass holders are still waiting for the refunds they believe they’re entitled to, reports Vail Daily.

Larry Augustyn, of Breckenridge, CO, has been trying to get a refund since his wife passed away in November. He told Vail Daily:

“I’ve called, I’ve sent emails, I’ve left messages, and no one has responded to me. It’s kind of like they’re too busy.”

– Larry Augustyn

As well as battling his grief, he is battling Vail Resorts for a refund on the pass his wife bought and never used. He believes Vail Resorts are being as obstructive as possible.

“It’s a big corporation, and I understand that they’ve got to go up the chain of command, but I just think it’s ridiculous that they’re taking so long to do this refund. The only thing I would really like to ask Vail is, please don’t make it so hard on someone who is having a grieving process already; it just exacerbates that process.”

– Larry Augustyn

Another customer is still waiting for a refund; he claims he should be covered by Epic Coverage after his wife contracted Covid-19 and is now suffering from long covid, rendering her unable to ski. She sent her medical records to Vail Resorts, but was denied the refund.

A family from Minnesota was unable to make their annual trip to Keystone Resort, CO, this year when the daughter’s school requested students quarantine before returning to school. The father was under the impression that his pass purchases would be covered by Vail’s Epic Coverage. His claim for a refund was denied within 24-hours, citing “refunds are not issued in the event of travel advisories or governmental-directed quarantines related to travel.”

“Their whole Epic Coverage certainly seemed to lend itself to some protection if you weren’t able to travel this year. They really touted themselves as, ‘You’re covered if you can’t ski.’ That was the impression they seemed to be giving, but they don’t seem to be standing behind it very well at this point.”

– Epic Pass holder told Vail Daily

vail resorts,
CEO of Vail Resorts Rob Katz. Photo by Matt Nager.

In a letter to passholders last week, Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz addressed the long call center lines experienced by many customers, claiming that the company has since doubled and plans to quadruple their call center staff. 

In January, a group of Epic Pass holders on the east coast were unhappy with Vail Resorts for “forcing them to either violate state pandemic travel restrictions or lose significant money they paid for ski passes,” reported WVCB. However, since then, Vail Resorts has done a u-turn and is preparing to offer credits to Epic Pass holders affected by individual state’s quarantine rules meaning they couldn’t ski this season.

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Vail Resorts’ Epic Coverage.

Frequently asked questions about Epic Coverage: 

Q: How do I sign up for Epic Coverage?

A: Epic Coverage is free for all pass holders, and there is no sign-up required.

Step 1: Purchase any season pass, day pass, resort pass, or multi-pack season pass product on or any of our resort sites. During check out, please ensure to confirm you have read the terms and conditions, which includes our Epic Coverage policy.

Step 2: To ensure your Epic Coverage is tailored to your skiing and riding preferences, we will be asking you two questions about the resort(s) you would like to have covered and when you plan to ski or ride. These preferences do not change the access of your pass – they are strictly used to determine your refund if a qualifying event occurs. The two key preferences you will be asked to provide are:

    • All Resorts or a Primary Resort for coverage: You can choose a specific resort your pass has access to, or you can choose “All Resorts.” Your choice will be used to determine which resorts must be closed to trigger a qualifying coverage. Please refer to “How are Refunds Determined?” to decide on the best selection for you.
    • Core Season or Specific Week for coverage: You can choose a specific week that you would most like to have covered, or you can choose “Core Season.” The “Core Season” is from November 26, 2020, to April 4, 2021.  This choice will influence how your refund is determined, so please refer to the “How are Refunds Determined?” section to decide on the best selection for you.

After purchasing your pass for the 2020/21 season, you will automatically be defaulted to “All Resorts” and “Core Season.” Starting in late June until November 21st, 2020, you can change your selection in the “My Account” section online at For guests purchasing their pass after November 21st, you have until the first day you ski or when passes go off sale to update your preferences, whichever comes first. Learn more in the “What is covered?” and the “How are Refunds Determined?” sections below.

Step 3: That’s it. Your pass is now covered for specific personal events and certain resort closures for the 2020/21 season defined in the terms and conditions.

If you experience a qualifying personal event or qualifying resort closure, please refer to the “How do I submit a refund request?” section for more information on how to request a refund.

Q: Do I have to pay for Epic Coverage?

A: No, Epic Coverage is free for all pass holders. Historically, our pass holders had to pay up to $35 if they chose to insure their pass against personal risk, but the new Epic Coverage program is now included with all passes.

Q: Can I still purchase Pass Insurance?

A: No, Vail Resorts no longer offers Pass Insurance. Epic Coverage provides refunds for qualifying personal events as well as certain resort closures due to disease (e.g., COVID-19), war, terrorism, or specific natural disasters. And it’s free for all pass holders.

Q: Which pass products are included in Epic Coverage?

A: All season pass, day pass, resort pass, or multi-pack season pass products sold on, our resort websites, and through our third-party partners are included in Epic Coverage. This includes;

  • Epic Pass, Epic Local Pass, and Military Epic Pass
  • Epic Day Pass
  • Regional Pass Products: Summit Value, Keystone Plus Pass, Tahoe Local Pass, Tahoe Value Pass, Kirkwood Pass, Park City Youth Pass, Afton Alps Pass, Mt Brighton Pass, Wilmot Pass, Stevens Pass Select Pass, Stevens Pass Premium Pass, Crested Butte Pass, Northeast Value Pass, Northeast Midweek Pass, Ohio Pass, Hidden Valley Pass, Snow Creek Pass, Paoli Peaks Pass, Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass, Whistler Blackcomb Edge Cards and Whistler Blackcomb Unlimited Season Pass.

To view all other additional eligible passes, click here.

Q: Are all pass and card products sold on included in Epic Coverage?

A: Yes. All pass or card products sold on are included in Epic Coverage. To review a full list of Whistler Blackcomb passes, visit the Whistler Blackcomb website.

Q: Is the Epic Australia Pass included in Epic Coverage?

A: The Epic Australia Pass will not be included in Epic Coverage for the 2020 Australian winter season. We are separately working on a plan to ensure we properly address the situation in Australia, and we will share details of the plan with our Epic Australia Pass guests as soon as we can.

Q: Do I still have Epic Coverage once I use my pass?

A: Yes, you will have Epic Coverage from when you purchase your pass through the end of the 2020/21 ski and ride season for qualifying personal events and through the “Core Season” for certain resort closures, depending on your coverage preferences selected.

Q: With Epic Coverage, will I have to make a choice at the beginning of the season between deferring my pass to the next season or losing my protection?

A: No, with Epic Coverage, you are not forced to make a decision about whether to defer your pass to the following season.  Instead, Epic Coverage provides you with protection against qualifying personal events through the end of the 2020/21 ski and ride season and certain resort closures through the Core Season.  You can start using your pass when the season opens, and if a qualifying personal event or a resort closure that is covered occurs, you may be eligible for a refund during the 2020/21 season.

Q: If I purchase my pass through a travel agency, online, or wholesale partner, will I still receive Epic Coverage?

A: Yes. All season pass, day pass, resort pass, or multi-pack season pass products sold on, our resort websites, and through our third-party partners have Epic Coverage. This includes Epic Day Pass products and Military Epic Pass products. You can view a list of all qualifying passes here.

Q: What is covered?

A: Epic Coverage provides protection across a range of personal events and certain resort closures. A summary of the qualifying personal and resort closure events that are covered are shown below. For additional details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

If any of the following happens over the course of next season, you will get a full or prorated refund.

Personal Coverage

  • Job Loss
  • Stay-at-home order from county, state, country
  • Injury, Sickness, Death
  • Student Transfer
  • Pregnancy
  • Visa Rejection
  • Jury Duty
  • Military Service
  • Employee Transfer
  • And More

Resort Closure between U.S. Thanksgiving (November 26, 2020) and Easter (April 4, 2021)

  • Disease (e.g., COVID-19)
  • War
  • Terrorism
  • Natural Disaster (specifically defined in our terms and conditions)

You are covered when you need it the most throughout the season.

Q: When does my Epic Coverage become effective? 

A: Your Epic Coverage begins when you purchase your pass and agree to the terms and conditions of Epic Coverage and lasts until the last day of the 2020/21 ski season for personal events and through the Core Season for certain resort closures.

Q: What is the coverage period for a personal event?

A: If a qualifying personal event occurs between the purchase of your pass and the last day of the 2020/21 ski and ride season, you may be eligible for a full or prorated refund based on when your personal event occurred and/or how many days you are able to ski or ride during the season. Specific personal events must impact at least 30 consecutive days of the core season to qualify. Please see “How are refunds determined?” for more details.

Q: When does a resort closure event need to occur to be covered?

A: A covered resort closure event must occur during the Core Season. The “Core Season” is from November 26, 2020, to April 4, 2021. This is the time period used to define the percentage of the season impacted when determining refunds. Please see the “How are Refunds Determined?” section for additional details.

Q: Are resort closures caused by snow events covered by Epic Coverage?

A: No. The only weather-related events that are covered by Epic Coverage are for natural disasters (flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, and volcanic eruption) that lead to a resort closure. All other weather-related closures are not eligible for refunds.

Q: Which resorts are covered by Epic Coverage?

A: If a qualifying resort closure occurs, your coverage will be determined by the resort you selected for coverage, the visitation timing you have selected, and the pass you purchased.

If you have selected a specific resort in your preferences, you will have coverage if that specific resort has a qualifying coverage event that:

  • Lasts 7+ consecutive days if you selected “Core Season” or
  • Lasts 3 or more days in the specific week of visitation you selected.

If you have selected “All Resorts” in your preferences, you will have coverage based on the pass you purchased:

  • Epic Pass, Epic Local, Epic Day Pass, Military Epic Pass– 100% of the following resorts must be simultaneously closed due to a covered closure event (Vail, Whistler Blackcomb, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Crested Butte, Keystone, Park City, Heavenly, Northstar, and Kirkwood)
    • All resorts must be closed 7+ consecutive days if you selected “Core Season” in your preferences or
    • All resorts must be closed 3 or more days in the specific week of visitation you selected in your preferences
  • Northeast Value – 100% of the following resorts must be simultaneously closed due to a covered closure event (Stowe, Mount Snow, Hunter, Okemo, and Mount Sunapee)
    • All resorts must be closed 7+ consecutive days if you selected “Core Season” in your preferences or
    • All resorts must be closed 3 or more days in the specific week of visitation you selected in your preferences
  • All other passes (View list of all passes)– 100% of the resorts that are accessible on the pass must be simultaneously closed due to a covered closure event
    • All resorts must be closed 7+ consecutive days if you selected “Core Season” in your preferences or
    • All resorts must be closed 3 or more days in the specific week of visitation you selected in your preferences

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for additional details.

Q: Do I qualify for a refund if one of my family members has a qualifying personal event?

A: Yes, there are specific qualifying personal events that are eligible for a refund if the event occurs to you or your family member and impacts your ability to ski or ride during the Core Season. Personal events include illness, injury, death, pregnancy, military service, job loss, and visa rejection. For additional details, refer to the terms and conditions here.

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Credit: Vail Resorts

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36 thoughts on “More Epic Pass Holders Complain of Having Refunds Denied by Vail Resorts

  1. A year ago I bought five Epic 4-day packs for me and my family.
    One of my family members was not able to travel to the US because the Sputnik vaccine was not accepted by the US Government.
    After 6 months of following up on my refund request, I’ve just received the below response from
    “Hello, per vails terms and conditions you must not be able to travel due to a travel restriction in place which there is not one. Your denial will stand as not being vaccinated is not covered. Thanks!”
    I’ve just did a google search and found out that many people had problems with their refund requests.
    Bottom line, don’t trust the Epic Coverage “promise”, and be prepared to loose your money if you can’t use your pass (and a lot of time following up on your request).

  2. On October, 2020, I purchased an “Epic Pass” for $346.95 which allows for skiing at various **** resorts. It is noteworthy that marketed the pass with “free Epic Coverage” to inspire confidence during the pandemic. I purchased the pass so that I could ski in CA and WA during the 2020 season. Unfortunately, my home CA trip got shortened due to COVID restrictions and I planned on using in WA state. When I called the resort I was told that all the common areas such as restaurants etc. are closed due to COVID and as I myself didn’t want to use so they told me whoever isn’t skiing isn’t allowed inside. In that situation I requested for refund in April 2020 through Claims Management. I did not receive any communication so I called then today on 11/17/2021 and was told that my request was denied. Very unprofessional. unethical practices of robbing others. Not updating them and eating their money.

  3. If you have a letter that states that ACM will pay your claim you can go to your credit card company and ask to have the charges reversed and they will reverse them as long as you have that documentation saying it will be paid.

  4. It’s ludicrous that they are getting away with this! Keep fighting, I got my refund after AGO started getting involved. Don’t let these _ _ _ tards win!!!

  5. Bought a Tahoe Local Pass in June 2020 with the included insurance. Wife had orthopaedic surgery Nov 18th, 2020. (before any of the Tahoe properties opened for the season). Her Dr advised she wouldn’t recommend attempting to ski for the season. I made multiple calls and started claim process with Vail and ACM about 2 weeks after her surgery. They provided a form for her MD to fill out and when it was returned, they declined the claim because they said it wasn’t submitted within timeline required. For brevity, I’m leaving out the multiple hours of attempted contacts, e-mails and correspondence to appeal this decision. Nevertheless, on 6/15/21 I got a letter agreeing to pay the claim with no further action required and I would have it within 2 weeks. Well, its been 11 weeks and since then I’ve made multiple calls and sent emails and NOTHING RECEIVED, not even a response from ACM or Vail. This pass insurance through ACM is such a fraud and misrepresentation, nothing but a scam.

  6. FYI there’s also a Reddit forum of Epic and Edge pass holders who are pissed and saying the exact same things here. I think it’s class action time. We were sold a lie.

  7. We have got two follow up “form letters” from Vail assuring us they “extensively looked into our case” and still wanted to deny our claims. I don’t think Vail understand that under California law their behavior might be actionable under fraud statutes. They set their employees as well as ACM and customer support as the buffer between their customer’s legitimate expectation of coverage while putting an impossible wall of denial of legitimate claims across the board. Judging from these comments here as well as all the people we know in California and in the Lake Tahoe area they have denied literally “all claims across the board ” while form lettering (from ACM) these denials and ultimately stonewalling their customers with limited and or no response from Vail or ACM leaving Vail customer service with a deluge of unhappy customers flooding their customer service reps daily.
    In our opinion, when they made the representation “that we would be covered at no cost to us” also the fact that they credited people for days they did not ski (the previous year) when the Pandemic hit led people to believe their was no risk with their money and that we all had a legitimate expectation
    our money was safe and would not be grifted.
    This abhorrent behavior exposes them as literally one of the dumbest companies emerging from this pandemic, because they are exceeding the bar for class-action with their “out in the open “fraudulent and dishonest behavior.” States and counties were on lockdowns (no ambiguity there) and the virus was raging out of control.” These are known facts that they seem blind to.
    “Any good law firm could start looking into their financials and denial of claims, and peel back the ‘Vail” of BS how this organization is perpetrating this out in the open fraud and theft of it’s customers money.”

  8. The U turn is bull, they’re not offerings refunds/credits as stated.

    I also filed the refund claim before 5/31/21. Given the run around from ACM and within a day they’d ‘closed my claim’. I had a 2020-2021 Edge Card/Pass for Whistler/Blackcomb – obviously couldn’t cross the US-Canada border.

    Class action law suit anyone? But is the suit against Vail or ACM claims?

      1. We have been calling and e-mailing since June to follow-up for the claim we started in mid-April and today acm sent the boiler plate denial despite the fact that we never used the 20-21 pass because of San Francisco stay at home order.

        1. Same here, we filed a claim in April, after being instructed by Vail CSR to wait until the end of the season in case we got to use them and would be credited for however many days not used out of 7.

          First response from ACM was June 3rd (after the pass renewal date) there was no qualifying event. I then corrected them we were under a stay at home order. They then replied June 28th that I was correct, however that I had 30 days to file a claim from the end of the stay at home order. I replied back that Vail instructed me to wait until the end of the season…and no response. I emailed back no response. I finally called today and was told that the case was closed and Vail has instructed ACM to not open any new cases. When I replied this is not a new case, ACM told me there was nothing they can do and to contact vail.

          Vail tells me to contact ACM and refuses to cancel my 21/22 pass, although I can open a claim to cancel it with ACM if I have a qualifying event.

          Vail, do you want customers to stay? There’s no way I am every renewing again…is it really worth it to keep me one extra year to ruin any chance of me visiting you ever again in the future?

          Do the right thing.


    I have had a horrible experience trying to get a very legitimate refund claim recognized from Vail Resorts’ Epic Pass program.

    TO WIT:

    I live in Colorado and have been an avid skier for many years.
    My EPIC pass was due for auto renewal in Sept of 2020. August 2020 I was informed by my orthopedist that surgery was required to repair tears in my rotator cuff and biceps. I immediately (August) contacted Vail Resorts EPIC pass program making them aware of the situation and that I could not ski during the 20-21 season and to NOT PROCESS my CC . It was futile. Vail Resorts without permission withdrew the funds on November 13, 2020. As a matter of fact, shoulder surgery was scheduled for November 18, 2020 but had to be rescheduled and performed on January 8, 2021. I was told to apply for a refund thru American Claims Management , Inc. Ms Kiara Torres Jimenez was the adjuster assigned to handle my claim. I left 21 messages ALL of which have gone unanswered. After 7 months of being totally ignored, it was suggested by another ACM phone representative that I contact an ACM manager by the name of Terry Leikam in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He proved as worthless as Jimenez. NO RETURN CORRESPONDENCE. In April after once again calling the 1-877-895-1297 to check on the status of my claim, I was told it had somehow been closed without explanation or resolution and that I would need to file another claim which I grudgingly did.
    SURPRISE ??? My new claim has recently been denied.
    I didn’t ski a single time in the 20-21 season. I have copies of 2 claim forms submitted (and acknowledged via fax documentation) by my orthopedic group. First form was submitted on Jan 18, 2021 and the second form on June 10, 2021 (this is a renowned group of surgeons consisting of 14 + doctors) To date I have documented over 12 hours of attempted correspondence plus 3 visits to the administrative offices of the surgical group to comply with the ACM, Inc guidelines for refund.
    My experience suggest that American Claims Management is an unethical and inept group. I feel when they decided to denied my claim, they decided to steal from me as I know they weren’t ill informed.

  10. They obviously know about this issue and the Tom Foolery is high. We were told there is a spreadsheet of people like us that have been denied. All of California has had lock down orders. Vail will be in court very soon if they don’t get ahead of this.

    1. Is there a way to collectively complain? I called right away when Whistler closed. I was told to file with ACM. I did that and waited until June to start bugging them. Now they say I should have filed differently and missed the window. And trying to speak to anyone with any authority at customer service is impossible. Creating bad will…

      1. Dealing with a very similar situation – called when we were banned from Tahoe and advised to wait it out. Waited it out, filed claim and ACM denied. Appealed and nothing. Told today we can apply the season pass to next year. Attempted to initiate that and was hung up on. Called back and was advised to email/call ACM starting the endless loop over again. Its just brutal.

    2. I have the same issue. They have denied my claim also. In October 2020 I purchased a 6 day pass. I reserved days at Beaver Creek for the end of March 2021. One week before the planned trip, my wife and I contracted COVID. ACM denied my claim stating that I could have used the pass any other time during the ski season. I do not have the resources and or the opportunity to reschedule and book a trip at the end of the ski season. Especially when my wife and I we affected by COVID. It took us 3 week to recover. I would be happy if Vail gave me a credit for the money I paid to use for passes for the 2021 / 22 season. Epic Pass is the only entity that has refused to either refund of issue a credit. My lodging insurance issued a full credit within 3 weeks and the airlines gave us a credit. I would be very interest if people wanted to get together to file a class action lawsuit. What vail is doing is not right.

  11. I have had no luck getting my money back so happy to take a class action against this company. We have been robbed.
    Anyone fancy taking them to court

  12. I am still waiting on a refund from Dec 2020.
    Does anyone fancy joining me and taking Epic to court over refunds as they are keeping the money and laughing at us

  13. I suffer from chronic leukemia having a recurrence last fall/early this winter. I sent ACM my claim form and medical documentation evidencing my condition that didn’t normalize until the end of February. I sent follow up emails and made calls, no response, other receiving a denial of coverage with no explanation. To date, all my inquires have gone unanswered. You can’t speak to any individual at ACM or Vail to resolve your issue. Maybe a class action lawsuit should be organized.

  14. I have had the same issues, I live in Hawaii we ski at an Epic resort for over 20 years. This year we were not able to travel, I filled out the claim forms and we were denied. I really don’t even understand why would buy insurance if you get denied when you need to use it. I am so frustrated, at this point I will never ski another epic property

  15. The article is very misleading. If they did a U-Turn in January and begun issuing credit for unused passes, I would not have been rejected in April. Typical bogus PR coming from a criminal company. I offered to accept credit towards next year’s pass and even cited an article saying Vail’s new position is to issue credit. Still got rejected so now its in the NY AG’s hands. Not sure what I will do if they gave me credit. A forced captive skier is not going to be very polite. I want a full refund so I can never ski at Vail Resorts again.

  16. I did not use even a day. I was listed as close contact and issued a quarantine order right before my ski trip. I decided to cancel the trip. Very disappointed at the this, but not surprised. No wonder the whole country is a shit hole now. The CDC issued guidance, states issued order were treated as nothing LEGALLY by those big companies, like Vail.

  17. Massachusetts AG is already working on this, so if anyone here is from Massachusetts, get your claims in so they can add you to the pile! I was able to get my refund, but it happened Thru my credit card company before the AG was able to vouch for me. Definitely do this though! Don’t let them keep your hard earned money!

  18. I have filed a claim with our AG. I would recommend everyone do the same so they have enough complaints to take action. They also suggested filing with BBB.

    1. Not sure what they BBB can do other than rate them. They are already at the lowest rating. The other place to explore is the health departments of each state. I was denied because I was “apprehensive” in using the pass according to them I could have violated the State guidelines and requirements to ski. At least the health departments can fine or shut them down during the pandemic if they are encouraging ignorance of State requirements.

  19. I have been waiting for over three weeks after submitting documentation due to financial hardship and have not heard back anything, even after repeated email requests to their claim company. The house we bought earlier this year had hidden asbestos all over it, and an unexpected/hidden foundation issue that set us out 40K to even be able to move in, so no skiing for us this year)
    Just called ACM and they told me that my claim was closed, and the person on the phone didn’t even know what that meant. COuld be denied, could be funded… Beyond belief. He said that an adjuster should be contacting me within 24 to 48 hours and to please “keep my line open”. Now I wait I guess…
    Simply disgraceful and a huge scam. I will be happy to be part of a class-action suit, as it will surely arise…

  20. I asked to cancel my pass the day before the deadline to get a full refund (Sept 17) and they have denied my request repeatedly citing the insurance policy rules yet that should not even apply in my situation. I think someone should file a class action lawsuit.

    1. @julie Ford that’s just ridiculous. They disregard their own terms and conditions! So dishonest! I called to cancel in August and was told that if I didn’t ski at all I’d get a refund. What a load of crap. Been dragging this along since December. Absolute WORST buying experience ever!! The struggle is real.

  21. I not only was diagnosed with Covid-19 the day before my trip was going to take place (therefore my wife, my daugher and me were quarantined for at least 14 days), but I also had to have an unplane surgery which did not allowed me to go to the ski trip, but in spite of those facts, they denied my claim. I sent all the documents to support the claim and they never gave any response. The CEO must be fired.

  22. i was unable to use my epic pass due to my wife’s cancer and on-going treatment. a covid infection could have been fatal for her. i was told in no uncertain terms it would be too risky for me to travel and be exposed to large numbers of people. my understanding was this situation was covered under the so-called insurance offer by vail. well my claim was denied….i did provide a supporting letter from my wife’s oncologist from the dana farber cancer institute as well…..

  23. Ikon was not providing refunds for customers who bought their pass last year and never used it, despite the shutdowns in March. People viewed Epic’s policy as insurance against the same thing happening to them, but it appears Epic may end up being even worse because Ikon eventually at least allowed folks to rollover their unused passes to this season or next.
    Epic will be losing many customers for life if they don’t start granting more refunds….especially for those who haven’t even used their pass once this season.

    The CDC is still not recommending travel for anyone. How is that alone not grounds for an immediate refund??

  24. Still waiting for them to stop chasing me for a $550 payment on the East Coast. Didn’t ski one day. It will be VERY INTERESTING to see how this actually plays out. Mass Attorney General Office is moving forward for many people with complaints on the East Coast. This whole thing was such a scam for everyone. Katz shouldn’t be standing there looking so smug.

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